Adria Irene Blanco Gomez

General Information
Current Name
Adria Irene Silverman
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Adria Irene Blanco Gomez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, July 31, 1961
Relocated To
410 NW 47 Ave, Apt 1, miami
Stayed With
Mario and Caridad Obes

Adria Irene's Story

This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Adria, I've emailed you in a state of happy shock! I'm ecstatic about finding each other. I always hoped you'd see the message someday and I guess that day has come.

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jan 2nd 2011

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Status update | Jan 1st 2011

Adria Irene has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Jan 1st 2011

Adria, this is Maria Hernandez from Pahokee. I know you've visited at the Batista's a few times but I never knew about it till later. Was it the 7ht or 8th grade when you and your family left ad moved to California? I remember getting a few letters from you soon after leaving but it's a shame we lost touch. I would love to make contact again. Muchos Cariños, Maria

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | May 19th 2009

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