Juan Luis Puig Rodriguez

General Information
Current Name
Juan L Puig
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Juan Luis Puig Rodriguez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, July 23, 1961
Relocated To
SW Miami
Stayed With
Kendall & Matecumbe

Juan Luis's Story

I have blocked out a few days/months of my childhood (my childhood ended July 23. 1961), specifically our stay at "Kendall" (Kendall Hospital was a county hospital and an institution for wayward & e...

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Creo que estás exagerando un poquito, Juanito. Yo estuve en Matecumbe de Septiembre a Noviembre del 61 y todo Febrero del 62 y nunca vi ni oi que cayera nada de los rafters! ?Te acuerdas del los bailes de los viernes con las niñas de Kendall?

Message by Manuel A. Gutiérrez | Jun 17th 2011

I believe it was Gables HS, I do not remember much of Florida City as I was 12 at the time. Goof to hear from you, God bless. Frank Colunga

Message by Frank M (Panchito) Colunga Machado | Jun 2nd 2009

Love your story an very grateful to you for telling it. It seems that sometimes if we say that the camps were bad we are not grateful.

Message by raimundo espinosa | Jun 2nd 2009

Hi Juan, For a person that has blocked memories, you do recall a lot of details of your stay at Kendall and Matecumbe. Certainly our leaving our families and country was a "life changing event" that we, as children, did not quite understand at the time. I also had blocked memories and for a long time I had the feeling that the world had stopped and I had gotten down of it. Is that what you felt too? You have made a lot of connections of your actual behaviors to what happened to you at that time and it is good to be aware of those things as they will help you somehow to deal with a lot of emotion that you quite haven't done yet. It is never too late to do that and feel better. I will love to meet you, come to our meetings sometime, or write me. Your pedro pan sister, Carmen Romanach

Message by Maria del Carmen Romanach(Perez Cancelas) | May 31st 2009

Thank you, that was a very good story

Message by Juan F. Pujol | May 25th 2009

Si Haydee no te contesta, yo se la respuesta. Tambien se que te preste muchos dinero (dimes & quarters), casi todos los Sabados, para jugar en las maquinitas cuando nos dejaban en el Downtown. Yo llegue 7-31-61 (Kendall)y me fui (Matacumbe) Nov-?-61. Preguntale a tu hermana or cun~ado quien yo soy.Ojala que nos veamos pronto. Cuidate

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | May 18th 2009

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