Hortensia Madrigal Cancio

General Information
Current Name
Hortensia M. Williams
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Hortensia Madrigal Cancio
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Relocated To
4149 N Ashland, Chicago
Stayed With
Uncle - Jose Joaquin Cancio

Hortensia's Story

The day prior to leaving Cuba my mother alone with her 3 children left all of our documents in a taxi cab in Havana. A radio station made an announcement and by the grace of God the passports, visas,...

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Hortencita es Pily la sobrina de Aida y Carlos Cancio. Send me your email so w can chit chat. Happen to be looking at this web site and found you

Message by Pilar Guiu Penton | Sep 6th 2011

Hola Hortensia, obviamente somos familia, te encontre por el internet haciendo una de mis busquedas por parientes, Mendigutia y/o Madrigal. Hace un tiempo yo vengo trabajando en la genealogia de los Mendigutia y me gustaria añadir a todos los miembros de la misma, incluyendo los Madrigal. Escribeme cuando tengas tiempo para compartir datos. Un fuerte abrazo desde Miami.

Message by Felix Jose Mendigutia | Mar 19th 2010

Hortensia por favor llamame al (786) 385-5426 yo tengo el telefono de Luisa Bringas y ella tiene los telefonos del resto de la gente del grupo que estaba en Chicago en esos tiempos incluyendo el telefono de Miriam la prima de Henry y muchas mas amistades de esa epoca.

Message by Henry/Enrique Rodriguez (EL MUSICO) | Sep 5th 2009

Oye Hortensia es Henry otra vez, ya me estoy acordando mas de esos nombres y de los dias que nos reuniamos en casa de Carmen Lancho, alla por la Ashland Ave., con Maria Elena, Luisa Bringas, Betty y Martha Medina, Maria Martha,Marianela Henry Marin Ramon Y Carlos Jimenez Alvarito, la prima de Henry y otros, Te recuerdas de esos tiempos. Henry

Message by Henry/Enrique Rodriguez (EL MUSICO) | Sep 5th 2009

Well, well well It's a small world (Hort) Do you remember back in those days a guy named Enricito that used to drive a blue 69 Buick Electra 225, blue and went by the Scholastic School to pick you guys up, and give you a ride, sometimes we will just cruise alond Lake Shore Drive, near Montrose, and listen to all my tapes? Do you "capiche"? there was Betty and Martha Medina (epd), Luisa Bringas , you Ivis, and a few others which I cannot pictured in my mind right now, I'm so happy to hear from you, you were one of the "crazy bunch" who simply hung around together for months, Whaoo how I reminiscence all of those days in the back of my mind, those days were the best times from my entire life. Besos y Abrazos de Henry.

Message by Henry/Enrique Rodriguez (EL MUSICO) | Sep 5th 2009

Hola Hortensia, lei que eres de Sancti Spiritus y que vivistes o vives en Chicago, yo soy de Tuinucu y vivi en Chicago desde 1963 hasta 1982,creo que viviamos cerca nosotros vivimos en Montrose cerca de Broadway quizas nuestras familias se conozcan de Chicago, escribeme. saludos .Juanita.

Message by Juanita Garcia | Sep 4th 2009

Hostensia, a lo mejor somos parientas pues me dijo Tony Madrigal un pariente que acabo de conocer por este sitio que todos los Madrigales originaron de Sancti-Spiritus! Mi abuela materna se llamaba Juana Petronila Madrigal Canizarez

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Sep 1st 2009

Hola Hortensia, donde vivistes tu en Cuba? Mi abuela materna es Madrigal, es posible que seamos parientes! Un saludo Pedro Pan. -Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Aug 31st 2009

Hortensia nosotros devemos ser primos segundos o terceros mi nombre Jose A."Pepe" Cancio Goudie, mis abuelos Cesar Cancio Madrigal y Angelina Erro Olazabal

Message by Pepe Cancio Sr. | Aug 31st 2009

Hortensia: What a relief that you got your papers back in time! Your story reminds or something that happened to me. After we turned in the papers requesting my departure, I had a lot of time in my hands while waiting for the telegram. My uncle had given me a 35mm camera with two 36-shot rolls and he took me to many spots between Havana and Cienfuegos so that, as I said goodbye to friends and relatives, I could also take photographs of scenes and people I was seeing for the last time. I was fortunate to stop at many beautiful places, being very careful with my clicks as I captured those last memories on film. I did not have time to have the rolls developed before I left and put my mother in charge of getting the pictures and sending them to me. My mother, affected with the impact of my leaving and preparing for their own departure, forgot about the rolls of film she was carrying in her handbag. After the missile crisis our parents lost communication with us for a while, until they were told they could go to the phone company and place a call from there. Well, guess what: my mother left her purse with the undeveloped rolls in a taxi on the way to talk with us on the phone. Fortunately she always carried her small money wallet in a pocket in her skirt, and she did not have any important papers in the purse, but she did have other objects besides my rolls of film. That purse never turned up. The pictures I took had to remain in my own retina from where my brain can still retrieve most of them. However, a happy circumstance arose from that episode: At the phone company my parents met the parents of other Pedro Pan children in Florida City with us; they became good friends, eventually helping one another to leave the country through Mexico. --My condolences for the losses of your father and brother. Con un fraternal abrazo de Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Aug 30th 2009

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