Jorge Máximo Le-Roy Gómez

General Information
Current Name
Jorge Maximo Le Roy Gomez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Jorge Máximo Le-Roy Gómez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, October 21, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe
Stayed With
1st-Family / 2nd Strangers / 3rd Don Bosco's Boys' Home

Jorge Máximo's Story

I came in March 1962 to Miami and then sent to Louisiana (family arrangements had been made) without Pedro Pan Network help. After a brief stay in Jeanerette, LA, I was returned to Miami to be reproce...

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i own the boys home now. im stacey descant. it has a part store in it now and i go upstairs often and wonder what went on in the past. im trying to find history on it but there is not much. i wish i could interview past residents of this place. i would love to restore it. i would love to have all its past documented for the public to read and learn. you are always welcome to visit it if ever u want.

Message by stacey descant | May 25th 2012

Jorge, as a great grandson of General Máximo Gómez you might enjoy seeing a rare photograph of General Máximo Gómez and his family, which can be viewed in page 432 of the article by Pedro Pan University of Wisconsin professor Raúl Galván entitled "Photographs of Early Twentieh Century Cuba by Sumner Matteson (published in the Hispanic Research Journal, Queen Mary, University of London, vol. 12. no.5, October 2011, pp. 417-437). The photograph is the property of The Matteson Collection, negative no. 44064, Milwaukee Public Museum. You can access the article by copying and pasting the following link on your browser:

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Dec 19th 2011

Welcome, Jorge. We're looking forward to hearing your story. In the meantime, you may want to explore this database futhers as there are several former Pedro Pan kids already registered who were also sent to Don Bosco's in Luisiana and you with any luck you might know and remember them. Incidentally, the not-for-profit, Miami-based Pedro Pan organization named Operation Pedro Pan Group,Inc has a Facebook page ( might want to visit at your leisure in the future. Best wishes, José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Dec 5th 2011

Jorge Máximo has updated their profile.

Status update | Dec 5th 2011

Jorge Máximo has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Dec 5th 2011

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