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Through boundless energy, passion and sheer force of personality, Elly Vilano Chovel put a face to the name “Pedro Pan.” Formed in 1991, Elly was the driving force of Operation Pedro Pan Group for 16 ...

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Dear Elly: Thank you for being the founder and the force behind Operation Pedro Pan Group. May you rest in peace, near the Lord. Con muchos cariños, Eloísa

Message by Eloisa Echazabal | Aug 31st 2013

Elisa says: Rest in peace Elly Chovel who passed 6 years ago today. She was the soul of OPPG. She is always on our minds, in our hearts in our prayers... XXOO

Status update | Aug 31st 2013

My dear Elly, I miss you so much ,as a pedropan sister and a friend,it was fun spending time with you and sharing a cafe con leche and tostada and talking for hours,you will always be in my thoughs and prayers. Nita.

Message by Juanita Garcia | Aug 31st 2013

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Status update | Oct 25th 2012

Elisa says: Dedication of "Elly Chovel Rd" will be Nov. 2nd at noon on SE 15th Road between Brickell and the Bay in Miami. Please RSVP to brigid@brigidprio.com

Status update | Oct 25th 2012

There's a street being dedicated in Elly Chovel's name on Nov 2nd, in Miami, FL. Brigid Prio will have to post all the details.

Message by Emy Botet | Oct 25th 2012

Dear Elly. Thanks for your friendship and guidance. I will always remember you for being authentic and compassionate. May God always shine on you! Jay

Message by JESUS CASTAÑO | Sep 6th 2012

Elly. From Washington, where you came to represent Pedro Pan at the Nat'l Archives, I will always keep you in my heart as a great person. I miss you! Jay

Message by JESUS CASTAÑO | Sep 6th 2012

Dear Elly, I will always remember your beautiful and welcoming smile. Although I only met you during the last year of your life, I got to share some wonderful moments with you, always talking about your children, grandchildren and your bigger family, your Pedro Pan brothers/sisters that you so much loved. After you were gone, while being a volunteer in this website, I had the priviledge to find your airport log, that had been missplaced for many years and that you have never found....it gave me much happiness and I always thought that it was your way of letting me know you were in a better place. I am sure you are organizing a big party for all of us in heaven and it is going to be great! Love, Carmencita

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Sep 3rd 2012

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Status update | Sep 1st 2012

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