Elisa Vilano Ojeda

General Information
Current Name
Elisa Vilano Chovel
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Elisa Vilano Ojeda
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Tuesday, February 6, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City

Elisa's Story

Through boundless energy, passion and sheer force of personality, Elly Vilano Chovel put a face to the name “Pedro Pan.” Formed in 1991, Elly was the driving force of Operation Pedro Pan Group for 16 ...

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Eli, As a "Founding Member" nunca olvidare 1991, cuando nos conocimos, y todo el entusiasmo que traias a las reuniones . Gracias por tu dedicacion de 16 anios en hacer realidad la mision que Msgr. Walsh nos dio a todos los Pedro Panes. Extra~no tus llamadas para consultar mis opiniones, las que te gustaban y las que no te gustaban. Gracias por tus oraciones desde el cielo, "Operation Pedro Pan" sigue su mision y siempre te recordara. JAM

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | Sep 1st 2012

This is Elly's daughter Brigid posting on her profile. Mom sent me this e-mail after spending 3 days in Sugarloaf Key with me and the kids- swimming, shopping for Kino's, watching the Sunset at Mallory Square, enjoying grouper sandwiches and Pina Coladas. As we starred off at the beautiful water view she told me she wasn't afraid to die and to remember that she wanted to be cremated and thrown into the sea as close to Cuba as possible. We honored those wishes and I give thanks for those priceless memories. She was my best friend too! She led by example... "Let love shine in everything you do" Let' s honor her by doing the same. Please keep in touch with me and if you have photo soy her that I may not have seen please share them. Thank you to all those who loved her as I do. There are SO many of you!

Message by Elisa Vilano Chovel | Sep 1st 2012

Elisa says: 7/19/07 e-mail: Thank you so much for encouraging me to get away and be with you. You are more than a daughter to me. You are my best friend. love MOM

Status update | Sep 1st 2012

Elly, thank you for your efforts to bring Pedro Pans together. You were the force, together with Msgr. Walsh, behind the creation of Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. We know you are watching us from Heaven!

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Sep 1st 2012

Elisa says: Let's honor Elly's life this weekend on the 5 year anniversary of her passing and post a favorite memory. Say a prayer too. Tinkerbell can hear us!

Status update | Sep 1st 2012

La Vida es corta, es un misterio cual sera nuestro ultimo dia, solo Dios tiene un mapa de lo que le toca vivir a cada uno . La chispa de Elly siempre debe de estar viva en nuestros recuerdos pues ella trabajo muchos anos por lograr cimentar a Operacion Pedro Pan. Yo personalmente siempre le reconocere lo mucho que hizo.

Message by Emy Botet | Sep 1st 2012

Elly te quiero mucho y nunca te olvidare,

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 31st 2012

Elly may you rest in peace forever. I had the priviledge to be a very close friend and I always remember your beautiful smile capable of lighting my life. Love you , Fidel Ros

Message by Fidel Ros | Jun 4th 2010

My querida Elly,como te extraño aun. Juanita aka Nita.

Message by Juanita Garcia | Feb 22nd 2010

So glad to see Elly Chovel registered in the Miami Herald Pedro Pan Database. She was instrumental in getting the story of Operation Pedro Pan kids known around the world.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Sep 21st 2009

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