Esther M Martinez Arguelles

General Information
Current Name
Esther M Gutierrez Martinez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Esther M Martinez Arguelles
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, May 26, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Don't Remember

Esther M's Story

This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Hi Estercita! I got your email address from one of the emails you sent and I've saved it. You are on my "All my emails group" now. I don't have Luisy's email though. She changed to something else because one time a while back I sent her something and it was returned. I have Imsunrise60 for Isabel, is that right? I hope you like my work on the website! Besitos, Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jan 23rd 2011

Hi Estercita!!! Long time! Doing well, yes painting, in fact I'm working on a commission right now. Got a show on October 23 in Jupiter, FL. Ready to get started doing festivals. Yes, I have my own website now it's: Everything is there and you can even email me from there. I don't have your new email address for some reason. I remember you sending one but I guess I forgot to save it and now it's gone. I'm so glad to got in touch. Please send it to me again. Carinos, Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Aug 29th 2010

Hola Estercita; Recibi tu direccion nueva y quite la vieja. La reunion de Abril fue inolvidable pero yo se que tu tenias mucho entre manos con el grupo tan grande. Pero nos vimos y nos abrazamos y que mas podemos pedir, verdad? Yo ni pensaba ir porque no pensaba que me dejaran salir en el trabajo. Eso fue lo que creo la sorpresa; cuando descubri que podia ir, a Juanita se le ocurrio no decirte nada! Para la proxima vamos hacer lo que tu nos caen las lenguas! jajajaja. Carinos de,- Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jun 8th 2010

Concho!! What's the matter en el timbeque??? How come everyone has been off from this wonderful page?? Oh bueno probablemente it has been me only..pero alla here to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, unas Noche Buena buenisima y un Prospero Anyo nuevo, que Dios y mi Caridad del Cobre les culme con mucha salud, paz, amor, y dinero y si se ganan la lotto DO NOT FORGET ME !! HERE I AM !! Besos Ileana/Minico

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Dec 24th 2009

Yo no he podido registarme pero mandame un email. Esteban Espinosa Abrazos a ti y tu hermana Luisa. Yo estuve en Tuinucu en mayo 2003, estuve con Tita Perez y Mandy Garriga. Mandy murio en 2004.

Message by Esteban Espinosa Martinez | Nov 24th 2009

Dear Esther. I got your message. Sorry you didn't make it this time. Call me when you know the day you are coming to town and we'll try to get together then. Say hi to all for us. God bless Juan

Message by Juan Novo | Nov 11th 2009

Hola Esther. This is Juan Novo. I heard you are coming to Miami next month. Call me at 954-447-8554 during the day (this is my work #) so we can make arrangements for you to see the 200+ 35mm slides from the Academy in Colfax that father Stefani gave me when I went to visit him in Italy a few years ago. They are fantastic! Are any of your sisters or brother coming with you?

Message by Juan Novo | Oct 14th 2009

Esthercita que bueno que vienes para Miami dime que dias vas a estar aca y vienes para la reunion de los CCC??? en casa de Juanita etc?? dejame saber te llamo manana si Dios quiere...cuidate y besos a todos uds... el lunes salimos Raul y yo en el cruzero pero regresamos para el viernes si Dios quiere...Oye chica tengo que aprovechar que me invitan pero las Vegas no fue como yo queria pero bueno de todas formas conoci a las Vegas y Grand Canyon que es fabuloso....

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Oct 3rd 2009

WOW... Vaya I was having such a terrific time (?????) as you all know in Las Vegas and BINGO I went to Bonanza Souvenir Place the other day and bought $42.50 and they stole my credit card info and today (9-9-09) when I went in to Bellagio, Mirage & Treasure Island web page to buy tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil shows and check my bank info I find out that HERE in Las Vegas they have been buying stuff with my card (7 times)...thanks heaven that right away I cancelled my card and transferred my POBRE CASH to one of my other accounts...holy SHU!!! if you ever come to Las Vegas BEWARE !! DO NOT USE your cARDS here CONYOOOooo y hablan de Miami.. wow..ahora si no fuese porque voy a dos shows de Cirque Du Soleil y al Grand Canyon ME LARGARIA ahora mismo de aqui...

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Sep 9th 2009

shu...I tried to put an album of the ex-difunto and me at Red lobster but of course I couldn't, but if you want to see it go to and you will find it's cute.. love you from Las Vegas to you all.. VIVA LAS VEGAS !!!

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Sep 2nd 2009

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