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Hello everyone... I arrived at the age of 16, in the middle of the night, with my little sister Maria del Carmen, and we stayed in Florida City for about 2 months. They sent me and my sister, along with another 52 Cuban children, to a catholic boarding school in Colfax, Washington. I started High School in September 1962, and was put back to my sophomore year, so I would get used to the English language. Graduated in 1965 and went to Lewiston, Idaho on a scholarship to become an LPN.


I am the son of Reina Maria Novo. My mom is going to add her story with her arrival in Miami with my aunt who was only 7 yrs old. My grandfather owned the largest shoestore in Habana, Cuba called "La Defensa".

alot, of older Cubans do remember it. I hope others do as well. Thank you.


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Cuando yo era pequeño tuve una amiga que se llamaba así en La Habana, creo recordar que vivía frente a un hospital, tal vez era en Luyanó, y los amigos y amigas nos reuníamos los fines de semana en el Club Náutico de Marianao. A partir de 1960 no volví a saber de ella. No sé si es la misma persona.

Message by Adolfo González Oliveros | Apr 25th 2014

Reina, no se si recibiras este mensaje. Estudiamos juntas en Las Escolapias de la Habana. Mi mama y yo fuimos a Florida City a visitarte cuando llegastes de Cuba sola con tu hermanita. Nunca me he olvidado de ti.

Message by Sonia Munoz (Ospina) | Feb 28th 2014

Reyna María Susana says: My grandfather owned the largest shoestore in Habana, called La Defensa...does anyone remember it? thanks. My grandfather was Jose Novo

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