Raul Bello Maspoch

General Information
Current Name
Raul Bello Maspoch
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Raul Bello Maspoch
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, December 18, 1961
Relocated To
CWB Kendall
Stayed With
Marvin and Lucille Coco Bordelonville, La.

Raul's Story

In a Reader's Digest style:

arrived on Dec 18, 1961- lived in Kendall]

left Kendal for La. and lived in the Don Bosco Boys Home, after having to escape from the boys home due to threats--along wi...

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Hi again, Raul. I saw your music site. It's cool. Glad to have it. There used to be a Latin music station in Columbia for a while, but then I couldn't get it any more. Don't know what happened.-- Where and when did you live in Columbia? I've lived in Forest Acres for the past 19 years and before that in St Andrews. This city has improved quite a bit since we got here -thanks to us, of course ;)-- Thanks for the link! Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Oct 3rd 2009

Primeros Saludos, Raul. I was very amused by your auto-description as Cuban Cajun. In that vein I can tell you that here is another Cuban-Southerner -so to speak, as I've lived in South Carolina longer than I have lived anywhere else –exactly half of my life as of this writing!. Where in SC did you sojourn? Where are you from in Cuba? I am originally from the birthplace of the Orquesta Aragón, although I grew up mostly in Havana. Like you I sort of got away from my “cubanity” and have come back to it in earnest. Me may have left Cuba and adopted a new country, its language and customs, but Cuba never left us. Our music always moves our soul and our skeleton, no matter where we ended up. -- Let’s hope we continue to connect with and enjoy the company of many other Cubans who still carry inside the kid part of ourselves that was so shaken up in our flight out of our beautiful native island. Nice to have you here! Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Oct 1st 2009

Great...now, do you know the names of all those guys in the Kendall picture?

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Oct 1st 2009

Raul: All the ones I posted are JPEG...however, you may also check on the size...it may be that the size is too large and in that case, you will need to resize it and reduce it...hope it works. Good luck.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Oct 1st 2009

Raul: Hello. I noticed your pictures came out black. You need to save them as a JPG file and then post them.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Oct 1st 2009

Raul I think I remember you from LSU-A around 1967-1969. . . You were in the debate club, I believe. Let me know. Lucy Alonso Rivero

Message by Lucy Alonso Rivero | Aug 3rd 2009

Raúl, Orquesta Aragón still playing in Cuba. Of course, it is not the same we used to listen to as kids. But guess what? Their "Pare, cochero" guaracha is still considered a classical piece from the Golden Age of Cuban Music, 1940-1960. I´ve found that there´s nothing better for getting back to one´s Cuban roots than through our music, which has not only influenced classical composers but popular and jazz musicians the world over for over a century.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jul 14th 2009

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