Silvia G. Budejen Reyes

General Information
Current Name
Silvia Budejen Trujillo
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Silvia G. Budejen Reyes
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, July 14, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Rodriguez-Walling y Delia Diaz de Villar

Silvia G.'s Story

This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Hola Silvia. para desirte q los ninos vienen a pasarse dos semanas, para ver si nos vemos, llamame, besos.

Message by Oneida Moreno Abreu | Jul 16th 2010

Hi Silvia, I have been trying to find Juanita Gonzales for over a year. Her brother Diego found me on this website and emailed me 3 days ago. Here is the email. I will post the pictures on my profile. Hola Niurka, The other day curiosity took me to the Pedro Pan Miami Herald web site and while searching a few known names which I still remembered, including that of my sister Juanita, I came across the fact that there were four ladies that had tried to contact her including you. Well here are the facts of why she has been unable to respond to any request. “I am my sisters’ voice.” Her name is Juanita (Gonzalez, maiden name) Sainz. I believe she shared the same home with you in Florida City. My sister no longer has cognitive awareness. A few years back she suffered a stroke due to some unknown brain conditions at the time, which left her progressively, in a matter of speaking in a vegetative state. She is presently located at the Waterford Convalescent Center in Hialeah. I do not see her as often as I should and when I do, it is questionable whether she recognizes me or not. Her husband Gilberto continues almost on a daily basis to visit and check on her and some of the nurses, claim that she recognizes him. Part of the reason I do not see her very often is the fact that I live in Indiana, well at least 6 months out of the year, the other 6, I spend in Florida (snow bird) and that’s when I take the time to visit her. As you can see, I have to apologize to have used this medium as a sort of catharsis. I have never put this into words or thought much about it, I just took it for granted. Life is always throwing us curve balls, and it is a matter of weather with swing or choke. Well included you can see some of the pictures of which I’m sure you will remember. I have more bright memories of my sister that I could share with you; it all has not been gloom and doom. She married twice and had two daughters from her first marriage, both living in Florida. Her last job was as a secretary for the Florida State Police Highway Department in Broward County. Please, would you be so kind to pass this along to the other ladies, as you probably already know who they are. Enough for now and looking forward to your response. Thanks Diego

Message by Niurka A Strong | Jun 15th 2010

Hi Silvia te acuerdas de mi? Yo estuve en la casa Sivilla y creo que fuimos a Lourdes juntas. Love to hear form you. Irma Aguero Crist

Message by Irma Sofia Crist | Jun 5th 2010


Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 4th 2010

Silvia G. has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jun 4th 2010

Gracias Silvia, tu siempre tan dulce y cariñosa. Acuerdate que este sabado no hay excusas!!!!!

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Apr 23rd 2010

Good morning, Silvi....como estas? Y Manzur y Silvia? Se me olvido contarte algo el otro dia asi que si puedo te llamo este fin de semana. Besos.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Apr 15th 2010

Silvia G. has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Apr 8th 2010

Silvia G. says: Thank you Yoly C. and Sarah A. for the beautiful message and for thinking of me. I can't always answer but I read them all. Besos, Sil

Status update | Mar 24th 2010

Hola mi hermanita estamos muy descumunicadas vamos a ver si nos vemos pronto o hablamos vs a ir al picnic en grandon park dejame saber. besos Sary

Message by Sarah Consuelo Aguilar Valdes | Mar 10th 2010

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