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I was born in San Luis, Oriente, Cuba. I came to USA July 12/1962 . I was taken to Opalacka with all the men in my flight. Next day I was taken to Matecumbe. I arrived to Matecumbe late in the evening, I stay there till 03/1964, and I left because I was too old, 19 yrs old. The first few week in Matecumbe was not very happy, the living conditions were a mess, we were living in army tents and I miss my family, but eventually we moved to the big building and everything got better and as time went by I made so many good friends that Matecumbe was home. After Matecumbe I lived in Coral Gable, Fla. for 6 months, I graduated from La Salle High School in 1964 and eventually I moved to Elizabeth, N.J. with the help of some friends who lived there. My parents and sisters came from Cuba in 1966. I graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Allied Health Professions. If anybody remember

me, please get in touch with me. My phone is 908-272-4569. I live in Cranford,

N.J. I dont remember who were the instructors in charge before we moved to

the big building, but once there I was

first with Heriberto then Sergio and

finally Cuartas. Now I am retired after

working 34 yrs as a Respiratory therapist

in St James Hospital in Newark, N.J.

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Status update | Nov 18th 2012

Granas. Mis saludos. Comunicate. Soy Arturo Palomino

Message by Arturo Palomino | Oct 20th 2012

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Status update | Oct 27th 2010

Angel... como no me voy a acordar de ti.. como estas mi email es donde vives, yo en MN voy a miami a ver mi familia en enero... contactame

Message by Ramon I Reina Bordallo | Oct 27th 2010

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