Ramon I Reina Bordallo

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Current Name
Ramon I Reina Bordallo
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Ramon I Reina Bordallo
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, July 12, 1962
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Ramon I's Story

The challenge is to uncork feelings and memories distilled by a 16-year-old mind and taste them as a 63-year-old man!

On Thursday July 12, 1962, my mother woke me up early in the morning. The PAA f...

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La reunion sera en Noviembre 6, 7 y 8

Message by Luis R Gonzalez (Dorticos) | Jul 20th 2009

Ramon, ese Mario no soy yo el es Mario Sanchez, y yo soy Mario Carvajal Sanchez yo conoci a M. Sanchez ;cuando des con el saludalo.

Message by Mario Carvajal Sanchez | Jul 12th 2009

Hi Ramon. I looked at the photo and because of it's size, couldn't determine if I was in the group. But according to the date, it's not me. I left Matecumbe in September of 1962. I appreciate that you contacted me, even though I was not a part of that group we all have a common history by being a part of Pedro Pan. Thank you and best wishes.

Message by Osvaldo C Roig Rodriguez | Jul 7th 2009

Ramon, si me acuerdo de ti, sobre todo tu nombre. Yo estuve en helena Montana del 1962 to 1967. Ahora vivo en NYC, retirado despues de 40 anos con Merck & Co Reserch Labs as a research chemist, 3 hijos, dos casados. Me dio mucho gusto que nos comunicamos despues de tantos anos Raul

Message by Raul F de J Alvaro Reyes | Jul 6th 2009

Ramon, It was great meeting you and Hiram last week. I can't wait for November and meet with a lot more pedropanes. Unfortunately your picture is too small or my eyesight is not the same anymore. Dorti

Message by Luis R Gonzalez (Dorticos) | Jul 6th 2009

Hi Ramon, I loved the way you started your story, "uncork feelings and memories ". That sounds like what we are all doing by having this website and I think it is great that we can share all those feelings with our pedropan brothers and sisters. I think we all share this especial bond that truly unite us and it is great to be able to communicate with each other.

Message by Maria del Carmen Perez Cancelas( Romanach) | Jun 11th 2009


Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 11th 2009

Hola Ramon, Mi celular es 786-457-1374, el de Katanga es 402-540-6859 hable con el el Viernes pasado. Ahora voy a llamar a Hiram. Por supuesto, si viens por aqui nos podemos reunir a comer, durante la semana el almuerzo no puedo, soy esclavo del trabajo. En el fin de semana nos podemos reunir en mi casa si quieren y yo cocino. Luis

Message by Luis R Gonzalez (Dorticos) | Jun 8th 2009

Ramon, yo vivo en el SW de Miami, pero nos podemos ver donde te sea mas conveniente. Espero tu llamada

Message by Hiram Perez Blanco | Jun 8th 2009

Perfecto Ramon, Espero tu llamada.

Message by Hiram Perez Blanco | Jun 6th 2009

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