Ramon I Reina Bordallo

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Ramon I Reina Bordallo
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Ramon I Reina Bordallo
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, July 12, 1962
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Ramon I's Story

The challenge is to uncork feelings and memories distilled by a 16-year-old mind and taste them as a 63-year-old man!

On Thursday July 12, 1962, my mother woke me up early in the morning. The PAA f...

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Ramon I says: Did you attended El Colegio Excelsior on 19th Av. in marianao? A reunion is being planned in Miami. Contact me for details.

Status update | Mar 31st 2013

Ramon Reina Bordallo. Soy Arturo Palomino. He tratado siempre de buscarte, pero no te he encontrado. Comunicate 973-814-0000..............achabba@aol.com

Message by Arturo Palomino | Oct 20th 2012

Hi Ramon, just by chance I googled the name Pablo J. Lorenzo Esteves and found the message you wrote for Pablo. I am his widow. Pablo died of cancer 25 years ago. We had a beautiful 21 years of marriage and had a son, Juan Pablo Lorenzo. the picture is very small, but I'm almost sure Pablo is the first one, first row. I can recognize him even in the dark if I could see him again. I am writing his biography and wrote a lot of the campamento matecumbe. At least all he told me about it. I would like to hear from you. maybe you can enlighten me about the campamento.

Message by Magda Lorenzo | Mar 26th 2011

Hi Ramon, I dont know if you remember me I was in Matecumbe from July 62- March 64. Then moved to Miami and eventually ended in N.J. Saludos i do remember you well I was in grade 11 with Heriberto and later with Sergio.

Message by ANGEL L. GRANA | Oct 27th 2010

HolaRamon, I don;t know if you remember me, I was in Matecumbe with you. In the photo I am next to you with the bkue shirt, my name is Raul Alvaro-Reyes

Message by Raul F de J Alvaro Reyes | Jun 30th 2010

cono como me acorde de cosas cuando lei los nombres de tarzan dorticos el miliciano,superman y todos ustedes especialmente el de Heriberto, soy Alberto Pirez "El Piri" mi telefono cell(251) 747-2684 e mail (my wifes) so catalina if you send e mail be careful mickpirez@gulftel.com

Message by alberto pirez | Jan 9th 2010

hola bordallo,yo vivo en california enviame un e mail,donde estas viviendo?algunos de los nombres no los recuerdos, si tienes fotos de nosotros pues mandalas,saludos julio

Message by Julio F Martin Llerena | Dec 3rd 2009

hola ramon,no se si te acuerdas de mi,julio martin el tarzan de artemisa,yo estuve en 9B contigo,vivo en california,un fuerte abrazo, julio

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Dec 2nd 2009

Ramon Reina Bordallo!!!!!!........that's all I remember while making a mock anouncement through the loudspeaker located in Mr. Florido's trailer. Next scene, Ramon Reina Bordallo running out from el comedor towards me.(I think you wore glasses) What I said over the loudspeaker I don't remember. Do you? I think it broke the monotony of the day.Heriberto Sedeno (GRADO 12)

Message by Heriberto Sedeno Suarez | Sep 1st 2009

Ramon: I dont't know if you got the news but Jose Luis Prendes past away last month. Rene Ojeda

Message by Rene Julian Ojeda Rodriguez | Aug 4th 2009

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