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I stayed in Matecumbe until November 29,1962 when I was send to Helena Montana. I lived in Brondel Hall for 2 years. Then moved to the dorm in Carroll College. I moved to New Jersey and started working at Merck & Co, Inc. I stayed with the company for 40+ years as a Research Chemist. Live in NYc from 1969 to 1974. Got married to Sara Cole and moved back to NJ. Lived in New Providence for 2 years and Westfield for 26 years. I have 3 sons; Peter, 34 maried to Severine. David 32 married to Diana and Teddy 25.

After the boys were grown Sara and I moved back to NYC. We have an apartment in Wall Street. Love living in the city. We are expecting our first grandchildren, twins in October from David and Diana.

An update on September 23, 2009 the twins were born, they are named Andrew (Andy) and Olivia (Livvy). They will be six month old tomorrow, they are very cute we get to take care of them every Monday_ It is so much fun to see how they change week to week.

Last February 21 Peter and Severine had their first child my 3rd grandchild, a girl name Beatrice(Bea), We spent a week with her at the begining of March. I am a very happy grandpa.

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Hola RAUL, soy RAUL DUENAS, me allegro mucho saber de ti, veo que tienes una familia numerosa y eres feliz en tu matrimonio, Felicidades. Te dire que yo tengo dos hijos Ana tiene 46 y Carlos 43, tengo 5 nietos Kevin 22, Michelle 22, Veronica 19, Casandra 16 y Emma 10. Vivo en Miami y estoy retirado, Me gradue de maestro en New York y trabaje en Children and Families como supervisor pero tambien ensenaba ESOL en las noches. Me allegro saber de ti y me gustaria mantenernos en contacto mi tel es 305-331-5025 y mi correo es raulmiguel1005@hotmail.com. Un abrazo y hasta pronto

Message by RAUL DUENAS | Apr 16th 2013

Brondel Hall 50 year reunion, go on Facebook and talk to Damaso Santana o Silvio Rodriguez.

Message by Manuel Perez-Capon | Mar 2nd 2013

Raul; Well I found Jorge Perez as well as George Rizo, Daniel Trujillo (el miliciano)help me convince peter pan brothers to enter their profiles!!

Message by Nick Perez-Caurel | Sep 15th 2012

Hello Raul.... From reading your story, I see that we have a few things in common. I was in Matecumbe in Oct/Nov 1961. Got sent to St. Joseph's Orphanage in Helena, MT. - Later to a foster home in Whitefish Montana...On the way back to Miami, spend several weeks at Branden Hall in Helena..From Miami, moved to New Jersey... Lived in Summit (next to New Providence) where I graduated from HS then drove a cab to pay my work to college in NYC.... got married.. lived in East Orange for a while then back to Summit... after a while moved to Toms River (down the shore)knew people in Upsala Colle, East Orange... Now live in North Carolina and may soon move back to Miami.... to complete the full cycle. My cab driving days took me to New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Murray Hill, Madison, Chatham... I am sure you are familiar with those towns. It was a pleasure reading your story.... stay in touch...

Message by Ozzie Mora | Jan 13th 2012

I'm a fifth grade student who currently finished the novel Children Of flight Pedro Pan my teacher has contacted you so we will be writing to you

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Oct 6th 2010

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Status update | Oct 1st 2010

Raul, Sorry, your name does not ring a bell and the face today is probably not the same you used to carry around 48 years ago. in any case, I am glad you connected here and hope to hear more from you in the future. I was en la cabana de Enrique Baloyra until the big building was built. Un abrazo.

Message by Luis R Gonzalez (Dorticos) | Sep 14th 2010

Desde luego que me acuerdo de ti. es mas que en julo del 2009 te envie un mensaje aqui. yo vivo en minnesota. mi hijo nicholas se casa en junio del 11 y mi hija, erica empieza en la U of W Milwaukee la maestria en sep de este ano. en julio voy a miami a una reunion de los cubanos que vivimos juntos en nebraska, donde yo fui de 'beca' saludos y un abrazo... ramon

Message by Ramon I Reina Bordallo | Jun 30th 2010

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Status update | Mar 22nd 2010

Raul, last time we met around Thanksgiving 200? in NYC there was no beard. Looking good! Congratulations on the grandkids!

Message by Enrique Otero Pitaluga | Aug 22nd 2009

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