Raúl F. de J. Álvaro Reyes

General Information
Current Name
Raul F de J Alvaro Reyes
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Raúl F. de J. Álvaro Reyes
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, June 30, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe
Stayed With
Alberto's Tent

Raúl F. de J.'s Story

I stayed in Matecumbe until November 29,1962 when I was send to Helena Montana. I lived in Brondel Hall for 2 years. Then moved to the dorm in Carroll College. I moved to New Jersey and started workin...

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Roots are roots...it's great to connect and share our journeys into the "melting pot", while maintaining our "unique Pedro Pan experience" ...Emy Botet

Message by Emma A. Botet Zuloaga | Jul 11th 2009

P.S. on "total integration" without losing one's roots....that shows "character" and respect for one's heritage...(I married a Smith myself!) Emy Botet

Message by Emma A. Botet Zuloaga | Jul 10th 2009

You totally integrated into the area where you lived, not coming back to Miami. A lot of of the cuban pedro pans that lived in Miami married and stayed within the cuban-american community. Those who married or stayed elsewhere in the US where not as immersed in the cuban culture. It's great that although you stayed and married up North you still feel "Pedro Pan" enough to check into the website....that's great you didn't lose your "roots"!! I love your story!

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jul 10th 2009

Raul...me acuerdo mas o menos de ti. lo mas que me acuerdo es que yo llegue en julio y tu fuistes unos de los primeros que yo conoci, que se iba a una beca- Montana. yo vivo en minn. hace much tiempo que no voy a nyc.

Message by Ramon I Reina Bordallo | Jul 6th 2009

Raul mira la foto que puse hoy aqui, creo que tu estas en la foto.

Message by Ramon I Reina Bordallo | Jul 5th 2009

Raul my name is Jose Aquino I read that you were send to Montana I am looking for a friend that I lost contact with that was also send to Montana his name is Cesar De La Guardia if you know him please pass along any information you may have, thank you Jose

Message by Jose Aquino | Jun 15th 2009

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