Ada Diaz Perez

General Information
Current Name
Ada Diaz Perez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Ada Diaz Perez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, October 15, 1961
Relocated To

Ada's Story

My brother, Hector, and I were sent to Sacred Heart Orphanage in Colorado. We did not have family who could take us in so we lived there for 4-1/2 years. Subsequently we were sent to foster homes an...

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I respect,value and honor your resilience. Quite a strong little girl! I have no doubt that you have become a compassionate and hard working human being. I feel deeply for the challenges that both you & your brother encountered.Our pain is a very private pain. As it is often said...we bend but do not brake... be well

Message by Enrique Casero | Mar 18th 2010

Hola, Ada. The idea of having a Pedro Pan Retirement Village has also been discussed among some of the “kids” in the recent reunions. Who knows? Maybe one our many enterprising people will actually come up with something like that. –Ada, it touched my heart to think of the long time you and Hector were separated from your parents and even more about how you two were separated from each other. My brother was not yet 12 and I was 17 when we came and I remember that the three things I worried most about were: 1) Being separated from my parents indefinitely. 2) That Conrad and I would be sent separate ways. 3) Being sent to an orphanage. You went through all three of these things. You are another example of the resiliency and resourcefulness of the human spirit and of the Cuban kids of the exodus, but it is still too sad that you had to go through all that. –Ada, I got one almost identical twin of your cat. He's meowing at my feet right now. His name is Goyo and he weighs 20 pounds. He’s ridiculously silly, but extremely sweet. – Con un abrazo Pedro Pan, Yoli

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Mar 14th 2010

Ada, my name is Ivonne Garay I was in Denver at the "queen of heaven orphanage" do you know anyone that was there?

Message by Ivonne Blank Garay | Mar 14th 2010

hello Ada this is the other Ada from the orphanage (Andion) nice to see you after all this years

Message by Ada (Andion) Silva | Mar 8th 2010

i think we may have crossed paths..All the best to you!

Message by Jose Arango Buzainz | Feb 14th 2010

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