Osvaldo Mora La Rosa

General Information
Current Name
Ozzie Mora
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Osvaldo Mora La Rosa
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, October 13, 1961
Relocated To
Camp Kendall > Camp Matecumbe > St Joseph's Orphanage - Helena, Montana>Foster Home in Whitefish, Montana > Brondel Hall Helena, Montana> Camp Matecumbe
Stayed With
Pedro Pan Program

Osvaldo's Story

First of all, I would like to honor and pay tribute to all the Pedro Pan's parents who made the sacrifice of sending their sons and daughters to an uncertain future in a foreign country, not knowing ...

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Ozzie, ?nunca te han dicho que te pareces a George Clooney? Yo soy Pedro Pan también (Matecumbe - Cristo Rey, Lincoln, NE)mi websoite de PP está en www.CampMatecumbeVeterans.com

Message by Manny Gutierrez | May 23rd 2009

Well Dad...my sister has always been much more eloquent with her words...so, I say 'ditto' to what she said. Love you...

Message by Patty | May 23rd 2009

Wonderful story, Dad. It is part of the fabric of all our lives. Your history, fortitude, perseverence and pride are inspiring and just a few of the many things that make you such a special person. Love you.

Message by Christine | May 21st 2009

great story Dad...I am so proud of you.

Message by Patty | May 20th 2009

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