Osvaldo Mora La Rosa

General Information
Current Name
Ozzie Mora
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Osvaldo Mora La Rosa
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, October 13, 1961
Relocated To
Camp Kendall > Camp Matecumbe > St Joseph's Orphanage - Helena, Montana>Foster Home in Whitefish, Montana > Brondel Hall Helena, Montana> Camp Matecumbe
Stayed With
Pedro Pan Program

Osvaldo's Story

First of all, I would like to honor and pay tribute to all the Pedro Pan's parents who made the sacrifice of sending their sons and daughters to an uncertain future in a foreign country, not knowing ...

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Oh, se me olvido, Enrique Baloira que era el encargado de su propia cabana, la que tenia los cristalitos toda alrededor, al lado de la Virgen fallecio ya hace varios anos, estuvo envolucrado en Politica anti castrista aparentemente por largos anos.

Message by Manuel Perez Capon | May 17th 2011

Osvaldo, yo tambien estuve en Montana, en Helena y mi gran amigo/hermano se llama Amaro Taibo y sus hermanitos estaban en St. Joseph. Ibamos caminando desde Brondel Hall hasta alla los Sabados a visitarlos. Estuve en Helena el ano pasado y el orfanato lo tumbaron parece hace rato y han construido un shopping center. Saludos, Manuel Perez Capon.

Message by Manuel Perez Capon | May 17th 2011

Thank you for wishing me a happy Mother's Day, although, unfortunately, I am not a Mom. I have no doubt my mother would know the Petruyeros and possibly your entire family, she had a prodigious memory. My Mom was born in Santiago, but moved to Havana when she was a baby. She considered herself a Santiaguera, and spent a lot of time in her youth with her cousins in Santiago. We visited frequently when I was growing up, but I never lived there. I am sorry about your painful experiences at the orphanage and foster home. When I lived in Great Falls, there were still some Pedro Pans at the orphanage in Helena. Sometimes I think it's best to leave sad experiences in the past and concentrate on the present. However, those experiences made all of us stronger and contributed to making us the people we are today -- survivors and winners. I am proud to be a Pedro Pan and of the way we Cuban children coped with a very difficult situation. It's good to hear you've made a home in Winston-Salem and have a wonderful family. Please keep in touch from time to time.

Message by Maria E Fernandez Encinosa | May 9th 2011

Thank you for your message, Ozzie. After a couple of weeks at the camp in Kendall, one of my mother's aunts took me, my brother and sister in. My mother came from Cuba a few months later. We were fortunate not to have to go to an orphanage, but it was a life-changing experience nevertheless. We went to high school at Great Falls Central Catholic High School when we lived in Montana.

Message by Maria E Fernandez Encinosa | May 8th 2011

Ozzie,thank you for sharing your story. My brother, my sister and I came on Sept. 8th, 1961. My brother went to Matecumbe, my sister and I stayed at the Kendall camp. A great aunt took us in a couple of weeks later. Shortly after my mother (who was born in Santiago de las Vegas and had a lot of family there) came from Cuba, we were "relocated" to Great Falls, Montana. We eventually moved to Decatur, Georgia where she taught Spanish. We are all survivors and share similar stories, but yours warmed my heart. God bless. Maria Elena Fernandez Encinosa

Message by Maria E Fernandez Encinosa | May 4th 2011

Osvaldo has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Mar 23rd 2011

se me olvidaba he visto todas tus fotos, muy bonita tu familia!

Message by Maria E Pazos Alvarez | Mar 1st 2011

que sigues mirando la página de Santiago? Yo todos los días me la miro y me leo los comentarios... es lo mas cerca que tengo de sentir mi pueblo!!!

Message by Maria E Pazos Alvarez | Mar 1st 2011

Hola Ozzie A los Santiagueros nunca se les olvida, pero es que no tengo tiempo de nada, ando muy ocupada, y no tengo tiemñpo ni de mirar mi correo, que tal te va todo?

Message by Maria E Pazos Alvarez | Feb 28th 2011

Osvaldo, Tu me luces tan familiar. Vivistes alguna vez en Carollto, Ohio? Abrazos, Alejandra (Ali) Rodriguez

Message by Alejandra Rodriguez Sardinas | Feb 25th 2011

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