Melvin F Noriega Plasencia

General Information
Current Name
Melvin F Noriega Plasencia
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Melvin F Noriega Plasencia
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Tuesday, October 10, 1961
Relocated To
Matecumbe Camp
Stayed With
Sergio Garcia -- Cabaña 1

Melvin F's Story

A mis hermanos


Tengo en mi alma guardado

Un gran Hecho que contar

Ahora que encuentro a mi hermano

Se lo qui...

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Melvin, your name rings a bell. It's hard to put together so many things from that past, especially having lived so far from the cuban community for so long. It's very good of you to write; it's brought back some memories. I remember Caruca and young Mercy, of course and wish I had know they lived in Tampa, for I also lived there for a few years and, even though they might not remember me, I would have liked to have made contact with them. Please tell them I remember them and I'm happy they're well. I think I read somewhere on this website that Nino and Peluca are deceased. If this is so, please express my condolences to the girls for the passing of their parents, to whom I will always be indebted. Mine also passed in 2001, within 3 months of each other, and I know how painful it is. It's very gratifying to hear from others who shared similar stories in our youth. My affection and best wishes to you. Edith

Message by Edie J Joyner | Aug 9th 2009

Que tal Melvin. Ya le envie tu mensaje a Ozzie.Dime una recuerdo bien en cual cabana yo estaba, pero si recuerdo por seguro que por las mananas para despertarnos, alguien tocaba en un todadiscos o similar device, una cancion que decia' tu y yo tomados de la mano, caminamos mas alla de un cielo azul, que ya no olovidaremos mas, jamas, volveremos a mar asi..por que el tiempo borra muchas cosas pero nunca el amor de juventud que ya no olvidaremos mas..." Si tu te recuerdas de esos lyrics o cancion, entonces yo pertenezco al grupo de ustedes. As of right now...I am not sure. Saludos, Raul.

Message by Raul F Linares Ortiz | Aug 8th 2009

Hi Melvin. Que memoria tienes!!! Te felicito. I have had my brain’s search engines in over drive since this website started, trying to retrieve information in order to match faces with names. Some memory files are temporarily blocked but hopefully not purged. You sure don’t have that problem. My goodness, you remember all the names. Juanito Gil, cuanto trate, en vano, de recordarme de su nombre. He is the young man that Haydee Gabeiras married. I have not had much contact with the girls since our days in the camp. It is a shame that we were so dazed with everything that was happening that we would just go when and where told never realizing that keeping track of each other was up to us and that time would fly by so very quickly, making it even more difficult to later find each other. I started organizing our group in the eighties and had a reunion with some of the girls that I found but after Isa died it was too difficult to continue the search without her. For years after she died I found myself running to the phone to ask her something, or to vent on something that had just happened, which is what I used to do before on a daily basis. Trying to reconnect brought so many memories that I wanted to share with her that I could not bear to continue at that time. I have since learned to cope with her loss. The one thing that we have all come out with from our Pedro Pan experience is learning to survive; now I just dream of the big reunion with her, the one in heaven. Back to earth for now, I don’t know it you remember Lourdes Sosa, also from casa Suarez, her brother Juan Sosa, also a Pedro Pan, became a priest and is the Pastor at St Katherine of Sienna in Kendall. Virginia Vargas also attended the last reunion that we had but later I lost track of her again. Now that I found her cousin Silvia Budejen in this site, I hope to hear from her soon. I had lost contact with las Pando since Villa Madonna where I would go visit with them. Thanks to this website, I have found them again. I have not seen Manel Suarez since Florida City but I remember him coming to the camp in the afternoons and sitting with his father, Manolo, in the balcony while the latter listened to his beautiful short wave radio. That radio was Manolo’s pride and joy, he would listen to it for hours and would patiently report to us whatever information he was getting that he felt we would want to know about, especially in reference to what was going on in Cuba. I have run into Esther de Cespedes, Manel’s wife and my fellow hermanita de casa Suarez, at church but have not seen her in ages because I changed parishes. Years ago I found Lilita, she still lived with her parents at that time and I believe that she had become a nurse. She told me that Dora was a Doctor in California but, at that time, they did not have much contact with her. Tere Pando says that she saw Guichy at a Villa Madonna reunion about 20 years ago and that she thinks that she has always lived in Miami. I would love to find her. Most of my pictures were sent to my parents in Cuba and they later brought them back with them when they came. In the back there is writing done either by Isa or by me explaining to them the contents of the photographs. I have found that Isa wrote very fondly of her. If you plan to go to the next breakfast, so am I. I will take copies of the pictures and we can try to identify as many people as we possible. Hope to see you there, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 8th 2009

Melvin, te confirmo que el desayuno es el 15 de Agosto en "La Casona", el mismo lugar de la última vez y por supuesto a las 10am. Cariños, Tere

Message by Teresita Gonzalez-Angulo | Aug 7th 2009

Hola Melvin, Hasta donde yo sé, los desayunos son el tercer sábado del mes pero te confirmo mañana sin falta. Por favor, recuérdame cuando nos veamos que necesito unos datos de alguien que quiero llamar y tu tienes el #. Cariños a tu mujer y para ti, por supuesto. Tere

Message by Teresita Gonzalez-Angulo | Aug 7th 2009

Que tal Melvin.Yo llegue a Matecumbe el 25 de Octubre de 1961. Posiblemente estuvimos juntos un tiempo.Me acuerdo de los viajes al Parque de las Palomas que nos daban los fines de semanas, dejandonos alli y recogiendonos el acuerdo de la piscina, de los Bunkers donde dormiamos, de cuando llegue con mi hermano Jose, nos llevaron a la cafeteria y nos dieron pan con jamon, cortada de una pata de jamnon inmensa de grande.Me acuerdo que yo y varios mas nos escapabamos hacia los woods para no ir a la escuela de alli...que tiempos mas turbulentos ! Saludos, Raul.

Message by Raul F Linares Ortiz | Aug 6th 2009

Hola Melvin, Que bueno oir de ti, la verdad que como le ha pasado a alguna personas no me recuerdo mucho de esos dia, quisas sea que para poder sobrevivir la separacion de mis padres, hermana, sobrinos y familia en general, he bloqueado muchas cosas de todo ese tiempo. Yo llegue un 5 de Mayo/1962 y despues que George nos recogio en el aereopuerto nos llevo para el campamento y a la casa que me asignaron fue la de Peluca y Nino Cesari tus tios. Si me recuerdo mucho de ellos, ella fue muy especial conmigo, me dejaba tostar mi pan con queso en el horno y de Nino lo recuerdo lellendo las cartas que recibia de Italia, la cual me las traducia sentados los dos en mi cama que quedaba ahi mismo en cuanto abrias la puerta de la calle. Aunque estaba muy triste, ellos siempre fueron muy buenos y cariñosos conmigo. No se si te recuerdas de la niñita de la que le hablo a Caruca en el correo que le envie. Bueno mi correo electronico es tengo 2 hijos, 3 nietos (2 niños y 1 niña) que son mi vida, ahora en estos momentos estoy trabajando en la Archdiocese of Miami, llevando una casa de Retiros. mi linea directa en la Pastoral es 305-762-1101 Bueno saludame a tu hermano y toda la familia de ambos. Espero que Caruca me conteste cuando regrese del viaje Bendiciones Donaida

Message by Donaida | Aug 6th 2009

Hi Melvin, I was reading that you were inquiring about two sisters by the name of Veronica and Marisol. I remember them; their last name was Mesa. You were also mentioning that your parents and yourself had worked in the cafeteria and that brought the recollection to mind that one of the girls who lived in casa Suarez with me, Haydee Gabeiras, later married a young man that also worked in the cafeteria. At first, after leaving Florida City, I used to visit with her at Woolworth in downtown but later lost contact. Do you, by any chance, know of her whereabouts?

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 5th 2009

Aw Melvin, so happy to have you refresh my memory. Now I can really remember their names. I do not know why I thought Raul was the boyfriend, I remember a dark hair blue eye handsome boy and the lighter hair twin together. She wore glasses with dark rims, sometimes. The other twin did not resemble her at all, my memory is that she had darker hair. All I remember is that one had a beautiful voice. Well, my memory of those times is not very clear. Thank you for writing to me. I am happy you are successful and looks like you have done well. You have a great memory.... Warm regards

Message by Niurka A Strong | Aug 5th 2009

Hi Melvin, I was reading a message you left for one of the girls that you used to ride the bus that took us to Miami for school, and you mentioned Raul Del Campo. If I remember well he and his wife were house parents there. They had a son, and he was the boyfriend of this girl who had a twin sister. I think her name was Carmen or Maria Del Carmen. She had a beautiful voice and sang at the camp. Do you remember them? The girls and their names? If so do you know where they are at? Best to you,

Message by Niurka A Strong | Aug 5th 2009

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