Jorge V Torres Rodriguez

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Jorge V Torres Rodriguez
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Saturday, October 7, 1961
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This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Hi Jorge, I am Ozzie (Osvaldo) who also lived with Oscar and Frank at the Bernardi's house. I do remember the frozen ears incident Oscar is talking about. We had gone to a party at Linda's house and aftewards had to walk home in sub zero temperatures. Never will forget our laughing seizures when Profesor Slocum would make an attempt to teach us English at night. Take good care of yourself.

Message by Ozzie Mora | May 31st 2009

Hi Jorge, I'm Oscar, one of the 3 Bernardi boys. I have not heard antything about you or your brothers since my sudden departure from Whitefish. It will be nice to make contact again and relive some of the Whitefish memories, like the night our ears froze up for staying out so long without ear muffs.

Message by Oscar M Torres | May 29th 2009

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