Oscar E Torres Rodriguez

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Oscar E Torres Rodriguez
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Saturday, October 7, 1961
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This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Hi Oscar, I am Teri Slocum Cassidy. I was delighted to have 3 older brothers if only for a short time. I hope all is well with you. I would love to hear from you. Love Teri

Message by Teri Slocum Cassidy | Oct 14th 2013

Hey Oscar.... I am Ozzie who lived with the Bernardi's family. Oscar Torres and Frank were there with me. If you are still around, drop me a line. I will never forget how we all laughed our XXXXX off when Mr. Slocum was trying to teach all of us English at some Middle School.

Message by Ozzie Mora | May 31st 2009

Hi Tocayo, I'm Oscar, one of the 3 Bernardi boys. I have not heard anything about you or your brothers since my sudden departure from Whitefish. It will be nice to make contact again and relive Whitefish memories.

Message by Oscar M Torres | May 29th 2009

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