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Well, I think that all Peter Pan stories are sad and very similar to ours , but specially when you are just a child of 9 years and you are the oldest, leaving Cuba with your 2 younger brothers Payito who was 8 and Mario was 6. We were also traveling with our 2 , girl cousins Eloisita and Teresita which at that time we where inseparable. When we left Cuba after all the crying, the emotional impact that hit all of us was tremendous.

We had to ask for Johny ( that was the only thing we new once we arrived to our unknown destination). As we entered Free Territory, the USA we all started yelling Johny - Johny, it all the sudden among all others asking for their contact appeared a teen age boy, that I remember him tall and very thin, he took us to a yellow school bus a we went to Kendal Camp. Once we got there,it was like Apache Territory; we realized that all that we had left behind was all history.Can't remember the name of the priest who took care of the camp. for the first time in our lives we had to go to the bathroom among others kids and do our things there. For the first time in our lives we slept on CATRES.

We where lucky at almost a week we arrived we where sent to an orphanage in Richmond Virginia, called saint Joseph Village. It was mostly a girl orphanage, with about 4 -6 cottages, but only cottage # 1 was for boys up to 10 years. We learned, a lot of Discipline,spoke and started communicating English in 3 months, and boy we had a ball. We studied, we played baseball, we had a bunch of friends,we also fight a lot with a few bullies that where around. I learned what was a picnic,all we knew was going to Mantua and eat a lot on LECHON. We also learned skating, playing with the snow, but my brothers and I where starving. Can you imagine, no more frijoles negros, all we had a lot was roast beef that was just as hard like a shoe sole, mashed potatoes and gravy. On Thursday we had rice and corn, that day was our favorite.

Months after we arrived, had a visit of a young Cuban couple that where living nearby went to visit us specially by reference to someone that my father knew, they took us to the 10 cent store (Woolworth) bought candies and had agreat meal with lechon asado and frijoles negros.

After 9 months my parents had already left Cuba and went for us and started living in Miami, south west area. my father was already established his business and we where all together once again. Short time after my younger brother Payito past away, died of a brain tumor. This lost it really hurt my parents emotionally, my mother was devastated and dad decided to go to Puerto Rico, where they speak Spanish are US Citizens and the US Dollar was the currency.

We arrived in PR 47 years ago; since then we all had lived here.

My mother passed away January 6th 2004.

My younger brother Mario passed away on March 6, 2008.

My sister Graciela lives in Boston, with almost all here family.

Married 38 years ago, with the love of my life. Have 2 older son and 1 daughter Natalia, the eldest Carlos is living in Madison WI, Mechanical Engineer, married 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter coming in September. The younger son lives in PR, married 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson, computer programmer.

My daughter Natalia is single, has an executive job on the largest newspaper in PR, El Nuevo Dia.

I have to leave now, but I will finish the story later.

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Greetings Adolfo, my name is Tomika Anderson and I am a reporter with the Scholastic Magazine for children in New York. I am interviewing Pedro Pan kids for an upcoming piece. If you are interested in telling your story please reach out to me at the email address below. I hope we get to connect soon. All the best, Tomika

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Adolfito, I'm so happy you are on this Network! Thanks for your sweet message yesterday. I loved seeing your photos, especially those of Tío Adolfo. Muchos besos y abrazos para tí, Aurora, y todos los demás. Eloísita

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