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When I arrived in Miami I always realized that I was not going to see my parents soon, my brother was a political prisoner and they refused to leave him behind. It took over eleven years and totally a...

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Status update | Dec 27th 2013

Ramon, very happy to see you see you are here. Se te quiere hermano.

Message by Armando Vizcaino | Dec 27th 2013

Ramón L. has updated their profile.

Status update | Nov 25th 2013

Ramon: Just read your message to José Antonio.....so so good to hear that your brother was able to rebuild a good life and enjoying his large family now. God bless all that stood up to evil! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 21st 2013

Nice photo, Ramón!

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Nov 21st 2013

Ramón: What became of your political prisoner brother? Two of my youngest uncles were imprisoned for anti-communist activities and sentenced to 30 and 18 years. Those freaking Mother F..kers could really hand out long sentences to frighten the population into submission. Castro's reign of terror!

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Nov 21st 2013

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Status update | Nov 21st 2013

Likewise, Ramon. If you are not in touch with the Operation Pedro Pan Group, a non profit organization, please contact them at members@pedropan.org. They will add you to their mailing list and will receive info on activities and reunions of the pedro pan children. Their website is www.pedropan.org. The annual gala is coming up on November 23rd. Also check out http://www.cubankids1960.com/ which is a Pedro Pan organization in California which also have annual activities. And finally, http://www.campmatecumbeveterans.com/ which is a website initiated and maintained by Manuel Gutierrez, a Pedro Pan child. He sends a monthly newsletter and keeps count of PP that have been located. Good Luck!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 7th 2013

Welcome to the PP Network, Ramon! I am sorry to hear that it took so many years before you were reunited with your parents. Yep, it's time for most of us to slow down! We've earned it!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 7th 2013

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Status update | Nov 6th 2013

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