Modesto Burgos Gil

General Information
Current Name
Modesto Burgos Gil
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Modesto Burgos Gil
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, February 3, 1961
Relocated To
The home of Jorge and Peggy Guarch
Stayed With
Jorge and Peggy Guarch

Modesto's Story

I arrived on 2/3/1961 on a PanAm flight from Camaguey, Cuba accompanied by my father. We stayed at the home of an old friend, Jorge Guarch. A few days later, my father and Jorge took me to the train ...

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Modesto,I recently became aware of a book,"Defining Moments" written by a Bishop Kenny graduate.I have ordered the book but wanted to how much I appreciate your story.You stayed with my family in Jacksonville for a brief time all those years ago.I was 14 or 15 at the time and had no appreciation for the sacrifices you and your parents made.Just wanted you to know that I'm happy to hear you are well.I haven't lived in Florida since graduating from FSU but,who knows,perhaps we will have a chance to meet again. Mary Kuhn Frey BK '64

Message by Mary Kuhn Frey | Aug 20th 2013

Modesto says: "El Coqueto" era Rolando O'Farril, el catcher del equipo de softball del cual yo era el pitcher. Los nativos venian al juego a ver si podian batear.

Status update | Dec 17th 2012

Hi Modesto, I think you were called "el coqueto" I was the first one to arrive in Camp St. John a long time ago, I think it was February 1961 with my brother. my name is Eduardo Araoz and my brother's name is Alberto Araoz. actually we reach a max. of 150 Cubans from the ages of 13 through 17 in this best friend was alberto de castro in that camp. I stayed a full year in the camp, and my brother stayed longer to finish the high school. everyone was called by their nick name, el coqueto, el bruja, el curita etc. We live now in California. there were great memories from that camp plus a lot of wild animals around, from snakes to mountain lions. I remember we pulled a trick to one of our teachers named Bravo as a last name, and we set up a fire in the middle of the classroom at the camp, it was at night when we were doing our homework, and when he noticed the fire was going on ,he got so angry, that he went to the phone and started to call the police. his English was horrible and mr. Bravo said:is this the police?, please send me a machine gun for a pum pum pum everybody here. this was so funny that I never forget these words spoken by I said before, there were lots of memories in that camp. good luck modesto. Eduardo.

Message by eduardo araoz | Dec 16th 2012

Hello Modesto, I met you through Fred Senra many moons ago but never knew you were a Pedro Pan. Welcome to this site. Saludos Luis

Message by Luis R Gonzalez (Dorticos) | Dec 1st 2010

hi modesto, it's ileana I used to work with Leslie de La Paz...write to me..

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Nov 21st 2010

Hello Modesto … amazing story. I left Camaguey on April 13-1961 … last flight from Camaguey before the invasion. I attended el Colegio Zayas until 1960 and the Maristas until I left Cuba. I do remember “the Burgos”. I think they were two of you who were cousins. I saw your picture in the OPPG dance. You may be the one. I still have to write my “story” which it was not as painful as yours. I do have some pictures in this site.

Message by Arturo Bueno | Nov 18th 2010

hello Modesto it has been a long time, the last time I saw you was the introduction of the Taurus in Ft. Laudedale, many moon ago. I'm still selling cars and soon to retire. drop me a line (work) (home)

Message by Raul A. Hernandez | Nov 18th 2010

¡Bienvenido, Modesto! I enjoyed reading your story. Kudos to you father! ÉL los tuvo bien puestos. Today´s revisionist left-wing intellectuals (i.e. "progressives")would want us to believe that the only reason why Pedro Pan parents parted with their children was because of an alleged CIA-fabricated rumor about Patria Potestad, and for no other reason. Your case drives home the point that parents had other concerns. Thanks for sharing your story.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Nov 17th 2010

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Status update | Nov 17th 2010

Modesto has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Nov 17th 2010

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