Josefina Mella Sanchez

General Information
Current Name
Josefina (Mella) Rodriguez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Josefina Mella Sanchez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, June 3, 1961
Relocated To
1401 Algardi Ave., Coral Gables, Fl
Stayed With
Gabriel and Winifred Gilbert

Josefina's Story

Today, June 3,2011 marks my 50th anniversary of having arrived in the United States, amazing how the years have gone by, all the ups-n-downs, experiences, decisions, moments of sadness, happiness; but...

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Thank you for the message. I told my sister about it and she said she was going to get in touch with you. Dámaso D. Parets

Message by Damaso D Parets Valdes | Mar 20th 2014

Hello! It was nice of you to send my brother the email. You were one of the nicest and sweetest girls at St Patrick's. I have to do a profile on the website. I will email you with more current info.

Message by Ana Maria Parets | Mar 20th 2014

Hi, Josefina. Luisa Yanez of the Miami Herald wrote a very nice article on Mrs. Guarch, George and family. Check out this link

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 22nd 2011

Hi Josefina: Many years ago I used to visit the Pedro Pan girls at your school. I remember you. I was in the Air Force back then. We used to go in my car to an A&W nearby. A sister would always go with us. Last time I was in Momence was on graduation day 1964. I think I may have a picture of you sitting on a bench in front of the school. You can write if you want to. I'd like to know what happened with the rest of the girls. Armando

Message by Armando Brana | Jun 20th 2011

Hi, this is so beautiful. Thank you for writing.

Message by Sarah-Raquel Jimenez | Jun 18th 2011

Josefina, bienvenida al PP Network!! Me gusto mucho lo que escribiste en tu historia...yo tambien vine a los 15..y tampoco nunca me habia separado de mis padres...ellos hicieron el sacrificio mas dificil que se le puede pedir a un padre....muestra de su inmenso amor hacia nosotros...un abrazo de

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Jun 5th 2011

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Status update | Sep 20th 2010

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Status update | Sep 11th 2010

Josefina has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

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