Ricardo González Arias

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Ricardo Gonzalez Arias
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United States of America
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Ricardo González Arias
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Monday, March 12, 1962
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Florida City

Ricardo's Story

Lived in Guanabo where I spent a lot of time rebel rausing with my horse and at the beach with my friends. Both of my parents did jail time thanks to Fidel. My dad in Isla de Pinos and my mom in Guana...

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Ricardo, I am not a Pedro "Panner", but we lived in Boca Ciega a few months of the year (1/2 block from the gate to Guanabo--cars could not go through this gate), in front of Evita Hidalgo's house, and had some friends, Adriana and Emilio (brother and sister) who used to go to Newton, but I've never seen them again. Would you know them from school and/or know what happened to them? they went bicycling riding with our group of kids and also horseback riding with Julian's horses. I'd appreciate it if you know the whereabouts of Emilio and Adriana who also lived in Boca Ciega.

Message by Carmen Salinas Scudieri (now Caulineau) | Sat 10am

Hola, Ricardo. ¡Tus padres viven todavía? Si viven, me gustaría entrevistarlos para un documental que estamos hacienda de Pedro Pan. Favor de avisarme. Saludos, Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Jul 27th 2014

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Status update | Jul 27th 2014

Ricardo, sorry but I have not looked at this site for over 2 years. I can't believe that we are childhood friends from Guanabo. I also went to Newton school. Please contact me so we can talk some more

Message by Javier Sanjurjo | Jun 22nd 2013

Ricardo- Yo me crie en Guanabo y fui al Newton desde el Kinder hasta el 6to grado cuando. Nuestra familia tenian el Casino de la Concha, al mismo lado de la orilla del mar a finales de la calle 484. Sali de Cuba a los doce anos por Pedro Pan en Florida City. Vamos a ponernos en contacto. Saludos

Message by Jose | Apr 17th 2011

Ricardo says: Looking for anyone who lived in Guanabo or Boca Ciega and went to Newton school.

Status update | May 3rd 2010

Acabo de hablar con mi mama y me dice que la casa nuestra estaba frente a la de alguien que era senador o algo asi de apellido Vasconcelos. Le pregunte si se acuerda por donce tu vivias y me dijo que cree que si (as much as an 82 yr old may remember). Dice que por ahi vivia un amigo de mi tio que se llamaba Felix B. Caignet (author of El Derecho de Nacer) and actually the last couple of nights my uncle was in Cuba, he stayed there as his home had already been taken from him (cortesia de Fidel). Sorry to givw you such a 'perolata' but it's great being able to talk about a place I remember well (especially since I have so many 'senior moments' these days.)....hopefully, to be continued.....

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 2nd 2010

Hi, Ricardo...I have to confirm with my mom if the name I mentioned for the hotel close to our beachhouse is correct. I also remember another hotel which was quite large ( I want to say it was pink but I could certainly be wrong) and my uncle and his family would stay there prior to acquiring a home in Tarara beach. In any case, Guanabo is pretty fresh on my mind. By the way, where do you live? I'm in Central Florida and although it's only 250 miles away, the older I get, the more difficult the trip. The largest and main celebration this year will be on November 13th. That is the big gala and the details of it should be coming out soon. This coming Saturday, they are having a breakfast to honor our mothers. God willng, I will be making the trip down and taking my mom to the breakfast. I also hope that my son will come up from the Keys and spend time with him. You can ask to be added to the mailing list for the Operation Pedro Pan Group (OPPG) and it will keep you posted on many of the gatherings. Also, check out www.campmatecumbeveterans.com which is owned and administration by Manuel Gutierrez and he keeps updating info on the Pedro pans and also emails a monthly newsletter. Another source to check out and connect with Pedro Pans is www.cubankids1960.com which is a group in California and they also send out updates. And of course, the main site that has brought many of us together is this one from the Miami Herald which to me has been a gem and courtesy of Miami Herald reporter Luisa Yanez (not a PP but her exodus was through the Freedom flights! Happy Pedro Pan flight through our memories! Look forward to meeting your wife and you. Please post pictures. That's how many of us have become acquainted

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 2nd 2010

Ricardo, welcome to our network. Your story caught my attention because the best memories I have of my childhood in Cuba are in Guanabo. My grandparents kept a house there year round. It was right accross the beach, about 1/2 block up from Hotel DelaNuez (I think that was the name). My brothers and I would raise to be the first ones up in the morning for the 'honor' of grabbing our bike and going to the bakery to pick up fresh bread for breakfast. After breakfast, it was off to the beach till lunch time and buy pirulis to dip in salt water and mamoncillos. Sometimes a man came by with horses for rent. My brothers always went for the ride. I would make my grandma rent one for me and when it was time to get on it, I would chicken out...hence today, my fear of heights! After dinner, we would go to the fair or just walk down the main street and window shop. One year we showed up after a storm and spent hours shoveing sand to be able to get to the porch and then the front porch. Yes, Guanabo holds my fondest memories of our birthland! I hope you meet many other Pedro Pans on the site and enjoy your time with us. I hope to meet you and introduce you to other PPs at one of our many 50th anniversary celebrations. I don't live in Miami so I can't make them all but I try to go to as many as possible. Welcome again and happy Pedro Panning!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 1st 2010

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Status update | Apr 29th 2010

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