Roberto De Jesus Rojas Reyes

General Information
Current Name
Roberto De Jesus Rojas Reyes
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Roberto De Jesus Rojas Reyes
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, November 19, 1961
Relocated To
Stayed With
refugee barracks

Roberto De Jesus's Story

Arrived in US with twin sister Gloria. We were two of the youngest Pedro Pans to arrive ALONE. Stayed in barracks somewhere where we were taken care of by other loving Cubans (we were 6 1/2 years old ...

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Hi Roberto,te envie un mensaje a tu e mail personal,mi hermano y tu fueron a la misma escuela en Chicago.

Message by Juanita Garcia | Feb 24th 2010

Hi again, Robert. Where was your family from in Cuba? Both sides of my family were from Las Villas, Cienfuegos area. My paternal grandfather went to Cuba from the Canary Islands at age 13 with two older brothers. His brothers returned home and my grandfather remained in Cuba. The immigration clerks changed a letter in his last name and it became Cardenas instead of the original Cardenes. Personally I think that all Cardenas, Cardenes and de Cardenas descend from the same ancestors. We are probably related, even if it goes way back. So, cousin, it's nice to find you!

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Feb 12th 2010

Hi Roberto,de que parte de Chicago eres, yo vivi ahi del 64 al 82,a que escuelas fuistes. Saludos .Juanita Garcia.

Message by Juanita Garcia | Feb 11th 2010

Hola, Roberto: I want to welcome you too. My brother and I were also in a foster home in Albuquerque about the same time as you and Gloria were there. You were both so very little! I wish I could have met you, but they did not offer many opportunities for Cuban kids in foster homes to get together. The older ones of us did what we could to stay in touch, but it was up to the families we were with whether we could visit one another. I think maybe the idea at that time was that if we were kept away from the other Cuban children we would adapt better to our new circumstances. I am not so sure that was such a good idea, but now we can also see that in spite of everything we turned out OK. –-My son Matthew -who loves his Cuban heritage- lives in Chicago. He is a musician. Maybe he’ll meet you someday, but I hope it’s not because of a fire! Your Pedro Pan sister, Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Feb 11th 2010

Welcome to our website, Roberto. There's a Pedro Pan that is also in Chicago that connects a lot on this website (he has a big mouth and you can tell him I told you so). His name is Fernando Collado...hope you connect with him and with many other Pedro Pan brothers and sisters. This is one big family. Oh, yes...keep warm!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Feb 11th 2010

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Status update | Feb 11th 2010

Roberto De Jesus has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Feb 11th 2010

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