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I arrived in Miami August 1961 accompanied by my little brother Rudy, who stayed with my uncle and aunt's family while I remained at Kendall. My older brother Mandy exchanged places with Rudy in the Peter Pan program and we were sent to Marianna in Wichita, Kansas. When we left Santiago, our parents told me that we were going on vacation but even at the age of ten, I wasn't buying that story. Mandy and I lived in Marianna for about a year with dozens of other Cuban kids from all over the island. In the interim, the rest of our family -- first my mom and little sister and finally my father -- was able to leave Cuba and we were reunited in Miami. Shortly after we moved to Washington, DC.

Most everyone that I've told the story to remarks on how difficult it must have been for me, for all the kids that were part of Peter Pan, to leave their families behind and arrive unaccompanied in a new land where we didn't know the language or the culture. But at the time, as a little boy, I just lived through it without much appreciation for the harshness of our situation and looked forward to being back together with my family. Among the challenges, there were also wonderfully generous people who helped and guided us along the way. That Peter Pan changed us as persons forever is undeniable. Yes, there were lonely and painful moments but they led to making me independent and resilient and forged an unbreakable bond between my older brother and me and with everyone who shared the experience. Peter Pan gave us the opportunity to live in freedom and to build a new life in exile and for that I'll be eternally thankful.

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Status update | Dec 17th 2012

Tony, Que alegria saber que tu primera novela "A Cuban in Paradise" esta en Amazon, y Barnes & Nobles. El haber leido uno de los original drafts fue un privilegio de hermano. Lamento no haber estado en el "TE" del Martes, que fue tu despedida, siempre acuerdate de los C-M de Orlando. Ojala que pronto nos veamos, somewhere !!!!!!

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | Dec 15th 2012

Antonio J. says: My big news is that my first novel, A Cuban in Paradise, is now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse. Also back in DC Area. Merry Christmas!

Status update | Dec 15th 2012

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Status update | Dec 15th 2012

Te saluda gaston r, estoy de momento en Mexico DF asesorando a una empresa telefonica,supe que no estas en Entravision,¿ estas en DC area? saludos

Message by gaston | Mar 22nd 2012

Oye Tocayo, Was Up? Vas a la reunion?

Message by Antonio J. Casas | Jun 3rd 2011

Hello Antonio My name is Brittany Guzman Dion. My father is Jorge Guzman. He also lived in Kendall & speaks often of a boy named Tony he considered a best friend. Could you be that boy? My sister & I are trying hard to find this boy & reconnect him with our father. Please email me & share your story or call me 704 998 1388 I hope our search is over & yall can reconnect!!!! Brittany

Message by Brittany Guzman Dion | May 4th 2010

Tony, creo que tu y tu hermano fueron conmigo y mi hermano para Wichita. Escribe tu historia

Message by George Mas Enjamio | Jan 16th 2010

Tony, Que bueno que te registraste, es un honor tenerte por la Florida Central. Escribe tu "story". si necesitas anectodas de cuando estabamos en Washington, D.C. dejamelo saber. Yo soy hermano de tu hermano, asi que eso, te hace ser mi hermano. Se te quiere-------JAM

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | Jan 15th 2010

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