Rene Luis Lopez-Guerrero Meruelo

General Information
Current Name
Rene Luis Lopez-Guerrero Meruelo
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Rene Luis Lopez-Guerrero Meruelo
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, February 8, 1961
Relocated To
3200 NW 7th Street, Miami Fl 33125
Stayed With
St. Joseph's Villa

Rene Luis's Story

I arrived in a Pan American flight by myself on February 8, 1961. I was told by my parents that I was supposed to speak to nobody, but that, only if asked, I would respond by saying that I was traveli...

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Status update | Aug 1st 2010

Buenos dias Dr. Lopez-Guerrero, por favor los alumnos de ESAN que estuvimos en Miami necesitamos su direccion mail para enviarle el cuestionario resuelto. Le agradeceria me lo envie a mi correo: Me llamo Juan Uriol. Gracias.

Message by Juan Uriol | Jul 2nd 2010

Hello Mr. Lopez, I was wondering if you recently sent me something in the mail? I was hoping to respond to you but (if it was you) you didn'tleave a return address. If it does not inconvenience you, please let me know if you did indeed send the package. Thank you.

Message by gloria estefan | Apr 22nd 2010

René: Muy valiente e interesante tu cuento. Yo oí a niños llorar en Matecumbe, donde estaban los "mayores", así que me imagino que en Kendall, Florida City y los orfelinatos sería peor por las cortas edades. Veo que eres médico. Yo tengo un website dedicado a los PP, a encontrarlos y a juntarlos, pero en Dieicmbre, por el Día del Médico, honramos en el Newsletter del mes a todos los PP que se han dedicado a ayudar y a curar. Puedes ir al website a y ver lo que estamos haciendo. !Bienvenido!

Message by Manuel Gutiérrez | Sep 7th 2009

Hello Rene, I could relate so much to your story, because like you I came by myself and cried myself to sleep many, many nights and wondered when I would see my mom again, but I did see her again years later when I turned 15 and today 57 years old and I still enjoy her love and company. We seem to be strong in our experiences and they have made us better human beings. Best Regards. Gladys

Message by Gladys Perez Fleites | Aug 17th 2009

Thanks for a beautiful story an for sharing it with us. Si todos es este mundo se dieran cuenta de la diferencia que una sonrisa o un abrazo puede hacer vivieramos en un mundo mejor

Message by raimundo | Aug 17th 2009

Rene, I also cried when I read your story as many of us have somewhat similar stories to tell. I noticed you said you had not cried until now and I must admit that detail was left out of my story on purpose as I was ashamed to admit that at 15, I would go find a place where I could be alone and cry my eyes out for my parents and for the rest of my family that was left behing in Miami. My brother (who also happens to be a Pediatrician) were sent to Marquette Mich. until our parents arrived in US soil. So many of us PP boys not only went through the separation from our parents, friends and schoolmates, pets and our lifestyle, but went through all that once again in the US as we went away to our destinations all over the US. That early experience has always left me with a sense of loss that only now when I belong to this great website, allows me to be "reunited" with so many brothers and sisters who went to similar experiences and can really understand what it feels like. Anyhow, enough of any sad notions, we are alive and well and what a coincidence, I too love the Moon...have you ever heard the Italian tenor Alessandro Safina sing "Luna", I guarantee you would love it. Chao my brother, and drop me a line if you find time. Robert

Message by Robert Victor Soler | Aug 17th 2009

Rene, your story is very touching. I will never underestand what makes some people so inhuman. A welcome hug or even a smile would have made your experience all too different. I am positive that the immense nun you describe never had the kind of caring loving parents that you, I and most Pedro Panners had. Poor thing, I don't know if she is now dead or alive, but I will pray for her soul just the same. I am sure that she needs it. Welcome to this site from another Pedro Pan sister. Beware, you have over 14,000 siblings in this family. Love, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 16th 2009

08/16/09 Dr. Lope-Guerrero: Por supuesto que eres la misma persona, leyendo detalladamente tu historia.......nos hemos visto muchisimo en el Miami Children's Hospital, pero no tenemos amistad...QUE ALEGRIA ME HA DADO QUE ERES UN PEDRO PAN (Y ORGULLO).....yo fui secretaria del Dr. Danilo A. Dueñas por 22 años, después trabajé con el Dr. Cullen hasta el año pasado que tuve un accidente muy grande....falté mucho exactamente por el problema del accidente y "ME DEJARON IR"..después de 34 años de BUEN importa lo volveria a hacer porque disfrutaba mucho mis pacientes (incluyendo los padres).....Todos me conocen en el Hospital por Mara. Pues estoy segura que si nos conoceremos ............ Un abrazo, Otmara

Message by Otmara Capote | Aug 16th 2009

Hello, Rene, the Moongazer. How well I understand that you've finally cried as you relived that first night away from home! I am crying too... and I can tell you that I have not been much of a cryer either, but now that all these stories from the past and all these people -my people- are becoming again part of my present, I've been crying a lot lately! These are cleansing tears, healing tears. We needed to let them flow. -About the moon - When I was in my foster home in Albuquerque, outside the city, I often went out at night to gaze at the sky. It was the only thing that was familiar to me, as it looked very much how I remembered seeing it in Cienfuegos, by the bay, with my uncle pointing out the constellations. You have now reminded me that I also used to wonder if my family in Cuba might be looking at the stars at the same time I was. The nights of full moon were very special, because I took long walks down the rows of chili peppers my foster parents grew and while gazing at the moon that field was transformed into the bay of Cienfuegos... It's like this with almost every story I read, another memory emerges... and I am so thankful. Bienvenido, Rene. Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Aug 16th 2009

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