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I arrived at Kendall on February 10, 1961, at age 13, with my brother Enrique (Quiqui) who was 10. I stayed at Kendal for about a month and then we were relocated to Brooklyn , NY where we only stayed for 3 weeks (at St. Josep's Home). Our next destination was Inmaculate Heart of Mary Home for Children in Buffalo, NY. We relocated with our parents in October and moved with them to Puerto Rico. I now live in Boston and work as a psychologist. My brother lives in Puerto Rico.

I wrote my thesis in graduate school on the psychological implications of premature separation in Cuban unaccompanied minors (Boston University, 1983).

It is hard to share the Pedro Pan story in writing as it is so rich and of course, complex. In summary I have to say that the whole experience impacted me deeply and that, for good or for not so good, it made me into the woman I am today. And I am OK about that.

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Lourdes, Tu llegastes un diaantes que nosotras. Estabas tu en la casa con las mas pequenas? Si fue asi, estabas con mis hermanas, Neni y Elsa. Saludos, Celia (Sissi en Kendal) Jenkins.

Message by Celia (Manunguita) FERNANDEZ JENKINS | Sep 1st 2009

Hola, Lourdes. What a coincidence that just today Jose Antonio listed your work in a note to me as a reading recommendation. If you check our profiles you can see the notes we’ve exchanged discussing the subject of how our Pedro Pan experience affects us. Jose Antonio just suggested that I check with you about obtaining a copy of your thesis. So here I am checking with you before I look anywhere else. – By the way, my brother lives in Boston too. - Welcome to the site. I look forward to hearing more from you. Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Aug 6th 2009

Estimada Lourdes: Minutos antes de que tu inscripción apareciera en la base de datos de Pedro Pan, yo le suministré a Yolanda Cárdenas Ganong una lista de psicólogos que han estudiado a fondo las implicaciones psicólogicas del Programa. Entre ellos figuras tú, y, aunque sospechaba que habías sido parte del Programa, le indiqué que no estaba completamente seguro de ello. Tu inscripción en el registro lo ha dejado por confirmado. ¡Bienvenida! Afectuosamente, José Antonio Amaro Reyes

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 5th 2009

Lourdes, Welcome to the Pedro Pan Database. Your graduate thesis sounds fascinating. Maybe you'll share it with us.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Aug 5th 2009

Lourdes, welcome to this network! I remember those days in the Buffalo orphanage. You always went out of your way to help me, since you had arrived there before me, and you already knew English. Your kindness was always very appreciated. I'm glad you are now on the network! Cariños, Eloísa.

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Aug 5th 2009

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