Celestino ( TINO ) Chaviano Martinez

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Celestino ( TINO ) Chaviano Martinez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Celestino ( TINO ) Chaviano Martinez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Relocated To
Stayed With
Kendal Matecumbe Kendal Luisiana Cottonport Aexsandria LA Back to Matecumbe

Celestino ( TINO )'s Story

Arrive in Miami 9-21-61 was taken to Kendal a few weeks later was send to Matecumbe but Iwas send back to kenall with in a cople of weeks , after some time Iwas send to Cottonport Luisiana for aproc.2...

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Tino es carlito capilla perdi tu telefono y quisiera saludarte espero todos esten bien aqui te mando mi email si puedes mandame tu numero saludos a todos un abrazo

Message by carlos capilla | Dec 21st 2013

Tino, You may remember my brother Bill Lemoine, who was in the same grade as Mike Cole Perot and a grade under Harmon MacDonald at CHS. Steve Gaspard, who you may recall, was a fine basketball player and possibly the same age as you, was my next door neighbor. My recall is that your last school year in Cottonport was 1962-1963 and remember you being an absolutely phenomenal basketball player, having seen you in pick up games in the CHS gym in the summertime recreation program. Of course everyone in town recognized and spoke of your tremendous ability. In fact at the CHS Basketball banquet in the spring of 1963, Coach Jim Cleveland, who was very conservative and anything but boastful, predicted that "next year will be the most successful season in Cottonport basketball history in great part due to the fact that a tremendous player would become eligible as a member of the team, a young man by the name of Celestino Chaviano Martinez, better knows as Tino". Little did we who were natives of Cottonport and had the fortune of stable family lives appreciate or consider the hardship that the Boys' Home residents and Cuban exiles endured. I am very appreciative to have stumbled upon this site and hope that you will be in a position to respond. Thank you and with great memories of and admiration for you. Timothy J. Lemoine

Message by Timothy J. Lemoine | Jul 10th 2013

Hey Tino. I lost your phone #, etc. If you can ~ give me a call. This is Harmon MacDonald (from Don Bosco/Cottonport) ~ You visited me & my wife in Prairieville, LA 70769 a couple years ago when you had that conference in New Orleans. You stopped by the house and we went out to dinner that evening. Anyway, I looked everywhere for your number but couldn't find it. Guy (Vaughn) another boy that was there with us was going down to Miami & wanted to give you a call while down that way. Take care.

Message by Harmon MacDonald | Mar 20th 2013

Tino, caramba. Espero que estes bien después de todos estos años. ¿Cómo se llamaba la familia en Alexandria? ¿Epling? ¿Has oido del resto de los "cubanitos" de Don Bosco? Raúl Bello está en Dallas y yo todavía en Louisiana.

Message by Jorge LeRoy | Dec 6th 2011

Iwas at Don Bosco's home for boys when you arrived with your Compadres. The enviroment there was awful and I am happy You only had to spend a brief period stay. The place was with fraught with sex abuse and criminality.

Message by Phillip McCullough | Apr 2nd 2010

Tino, vi a Jorge Rodriguez y a Alberto Bermudez la semana pasada (estuve en Miami, pero vivo cerca de Seattle) y me hablaron (bien) de ti. Un abrazo y recuerdos, Douglas Guerrero

Message by Douglas Guerrero de la Barrera | Aug 19th 2009

Tino I think you were in Don Bosco Boys'Home with my brother Roland Alonso and with Manolo Palomo, Felipe Bustillo and Jorge Monet . . . My sister (Silvia) and I were at St Joseph's Home in Alexandria. We used to watch you play basketball at the CYO in Alexandria.

Message by Lucy Alonso Rivero | Aug 3rd 2009

Dear friend, it has been a while ( 40 yrs or more ) since we have not have contact witheach other, my name is Julio Bosch, they used to call me el Pescao, I still have in possesion a picture when you and I played basketball in which Monasterio was out coach. I wish you would get in contac with me so I could get a copy to you. My contact number at home is 305 221-7178 in Miammi and also my Bus. # is 305 261-4172 It is going to be quite a surprise to you since the only person that has a copy of this is El nengo who lives in NY. In the picture from left to right is Armando Villorin to his right is El Guajiro in the middle is you to yor left is Vizozo next to him No 18 is me in the first row starting on the left is Adolfo Garcia we used to call him el Guajiro Nengo in the middle is Monasterio who used to be our coach even thou Olegario Suarez is the one who used to be my instructor and to his left is El Perro. Please call me when you get this message so we can talk and I can get this Picture to you, I would say is in the neghborhood of 43 years. Julio Bosch ( Pescao )

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 1st 2009

Me acuerdo de ti en Santa Clara, lo simpático que eras. Tú no sabes quien soy, pues era más chica que tú. Me alegro saber que tu familia vino y que se pudieron reunir.

Message by Lucy | Jul 12th 2009

Tino, te mando muchos recuerdos de un amigo de hace muchos años (Maristas, Sta Clara). Me acuerdo lo bueno que eras en los deportes, sobre todo el basketball. Un abrazo, Alberto Meilan

Message by Alberto Meilan | Jul 10th 2009

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