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My mother took me to Jose Marti Airport at 07:00 on Sunday, 20 Aug 1961. We waited all day to get on the PAA flight to Miami ($25.00 one way). Finally the DC7B took off, flew over the Green Spot soft ...

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Herminio, My name is Arturo Sordo and I am the grandson of the uncle you mention in your blog. I'm not sure if you have any other memories of my Abuelo, but if so, I would love to hear them. Thanks. Arturo Sordo

Message by Arturo Sordo | Mar 28th 2013

Herminio, I just finished reading your story. I cannot imagine how difficult those times were for you.

Message by Donna (Manresa) R.N. Losego | May 15th 2010

Marino: Me acuerdo de ti. Yo estuve en Matecumbe del 29 de Agosto hasta el 4 de Marzo del 62, sin contar un mes y medio en Kendall a finales de año. Yo tengo un website para pedropanes en www.campmatecumbeveterans.com y estoy catalogando poco a poco a todos los PPs que hay. [Asómate cuando tengas un chance] ?Me puedes dar los nombres de los 7 u 8 que mencionastes el nombrete de tus compañeros de St. John? Un millón de gracias. You penned a good story, brother! Manny

Message by Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez de Castro | Dec 31st 2009

Herminio, I love the details you remember. Like Carmen, I also felt like I was taking the trip with you. I can also smell the sulphorous water. I lived in St. Augustine for a while where the water has that peculiar smell. I am amazed that you had no contact with your family in Cuba. That must have been terrible. So glad you got together again fairly soon.

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Jun 27th 2009

You have a good memory! I don't remember anything of my trip to the airport, but reading you story was like going on that car too. I am glad your family found you and you were reunited with them

Message by Carmen Romanach | Jun 25th 2009

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