Herminio Cuervo Delgado

General Information
Current Name
Herminio Cuervo Delgado
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Herminio Cuervo Delgado
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, August 20, 1961
Relocated To
None. Went straight to Kendall, Matecumbe next day.
Stayed With
Catholic Charities Camp Matecumbe

Herminio's Story

My mother took me to Jose Marti Airport at 07:00 on Sunday, 20 Aug 1961. We waited all day to get on the PAA flight to Miami ($25.00 one way). Finally the DC7B took off, flew over the Green Spot soft ...

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Herminio, My name is Arturo Sordo and I am the grandson of the uncle you mention in your blog. I'm not sure if you have any other memories of my Abuelo, but if so, I would love to hear them. Thanks. Arturo Sordo

Message by Arturo Sordo | Mar 28th 2013

Herminio, I just finished reading your story. I cannot imagine how difficult those times were for you.

Message by Donna (Manresa) R.N. Losego | May 15th 2010

Marino: Me acuerdo de ti. Yo estuve en Matecumbe del 29 de Agosto hasta el 4 de Marzo del 62, sin contar un mes y medio en Kendall a finales de año. Yo tengo un website para pedropanes en www.campmatecumbeveterans.com y estoy catalogando poco a poco a todos los PPs que hay. [Asómate cuando tengas un chance] ?Me puedes dar los nombres de los 7 u 8 que mencionastes el nombrete de tus compañeros de St. John? Un millón de gracias. You penned a good story, brother! Manny

Message by Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez de Castro | Dec 31st 2009

Herminio, I love the details you remember. Like Carmen, I also felt like I was taking the trip with you. I can also smell the sulphorous water. I lived in St. Augustine for a while where the water has that peculiar smell. I am amazed that you had no contact with your family in Cuba. That must have been terrible. So glad you got together again fairly soon.

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Jun 27th 2009

You have a good memory! I don't remember anything of my trip to the airport, but reading you story was like going on that car too. I am glad your family found you and you were reunited with them

Message by Carmen Romanach | Jun 25th 2009

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