Maria Elena Josefina Juarez Padron

General Information
Current Name
Maria Elena Juarez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria Elena Josefina Juarez Padron
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, February 2, 1961
Relocated To

Maria Elena Josefina's Story

I was born in Havana and attended El Verbo Encarnado until 2nd grade then transferred to the American Dominican Academy. I lived with my mother and grandmother in El Vedado. Among my friends were Magg...

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María Elena: I am publishing your query in my monthly Pedro Pan newsletter which goes out to over 500 pedropans. Kids who went to Albuquerque are planning a reunion for May of 2012 and I will let hem know of your desire to re-connect. My website is at if you wish to see it. Manny

Message by Manuel A. Gutiérrez | May 23rd 2011

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Status update | May 10th 2011

Maria Elena I attended el Verbo Encarnado from 1959 to 1961 when I left Cuba in 3rd grade. This is the first time i try to make contact with people from the school. Are anyone in facebook?

Message by Ana MercedesSabas | Nov 21st 2010

Hola Maria Elena Juarez: Soy Maria Julia Caravia una de tus amigas de las Dominicas. Hace mucho tiempo que te he tratado de buscar. Creia que estabas en New Mexico. Me acuerdo mucho de ti y de tu mama, Dolita. Ilena Fuentes, Mirtha Garcia, Ana Rosa Arteaga, Maria Elena Arregui, Martha Figuerola yo nos reunimos en casa de Ileana en Miami hace dos anos y hablamos de ti. Yo vivo en Yakima, Washington desde el 1974. Primero vivia en California y mi ex-esposo me trajo para aca y aqui estoy desde entonces...

Message by Maria Julia Caravia de Fusselman | May 25th 2010

Hi Maria E.sorry I didn't answer before, I lived in Luyano and went to school at Instituto Edison en la Vibora stayed in Kendall for about a week and then went on to stay with family friends untill my parents came to Miami

Message by Nelson A. Fonseca Couto | Nov 18th 2009

Maria Elena: I also attended American Dominican Academy in Havana. I used to live next door to Maggie and Alina Alayon and we were very close friends. At school Maggie and I were in the same class. The friendship between my family and Maggie's goes back through the years as Maggie's dad, Dr. Roberto Alayon, and my own dad, Jose Eugenio Cruz, knew each other when they were young. I just talked to Maggie on the phone and look forward to meeting with her next March when I'll be spending the entire month in Key Biscayne. Alicia (Cruz) Reilly

Message by Alicia Reilly | Aug 24th 2009

I hope you find many connections. I can't imagine travelling somewhere alone at the age of 12 and not knowing where you're going or if you'll see someone familiar at the other end. Yes, this is definite book material. Thanks for sharing your story. aleece

Message by Aleece | Jun 26th 2009

Great picture of you and so true to who you are! Love that smile.

Message by Chris | Jun 25th 2009

Maria, you should write a book. Thanks for sharing this. Bob

Message by Bob Wagner | Jun 24th 2009

Your story and this website are fascinating. The site is a wonderful concept -- for a purpose that actually makes sense! (Obviously I'm not a big fan of social networking for the sake of social networking.) I think you'll find this an incredibly enriching experience and am so glad you shared the info! Have fun~T

Message by Tara Scholtz | Jun 24th 2009

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