Felix Diaz Alvarez

General Information
Current Name
Felix Diaz
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Felix Diaz Alvarez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, January 4, 1962
Stayed With
Kendall Camp, St. Vincent Home for Children's Lansing Michigan

Felix's Story

After spending a few months in Kendall on September 13, 1962 a group of about 25 boys from Matecumbe and Kendall were sent to St. Vincent Home for Children’s in Lansing, Michigan, I had no clue at all...

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Hi Frank: My name is Jose Ayo, yo me acuerdo de ti,look up Frank D Jimenez Perez I think you are in that photo, Yo soy el tercero parado despues de el hermano. Saludos: Jose

Message by Jose F Ayo Garcia | Jun 13th 2009

Hi Felix, I do remember going to the square dance sessions at Florida City, never did dance it again. It's good touching bases with so many people after so many years.

Message by Jose Luis Miguel (Pepe) | Jun 13th 2009

Yes Felix,I am aware of that pain shared by so many..but i also remember feeling happiness upon your arrival in Kendall to help soften the burden. Remember getting chicken pox at the same time and being quarantined in the infirmary. But i dont remember going to Florida City. My son in law is from Howell Michigan and we have visited there (his parents have since moved to Florida). Hope you find the picture. Warm regards to al your family, Leonardo

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Jun 12th 2009

Well Felix, i am issuing visa waivers to get my friends back to Miami,how about it? Miami has weather that will remind you of Central Espana...!!!

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Jun 7th 2009

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