Rafael Eduardo Padierne Prats

General Information
Current Name
Rafael Eduardo Padierne
Current Location
Costa Rica
Name on Arrival
Rafael Eduardo Padierne Prats
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, December 4, 1961
Relocated To
Florida City
Stayed With
Guillermo y Nelly Bueso

Rafael Eduardo's Story

I arrived at Miami International Airport on December 4th, 1961. I travelled with my sister, Isolina (13 years old) and my cousin Luis. We were met at the airport by Brother Santiago the former direc...

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Hi Rafael, Iam saying hello there ---- I read your story about the Ablertinum... I was there from Jan 1961 to summer 1966. I remember you and all the others from Cuba. I was 8, anyway I was just looking on the internet wanted to say Hi my name is John Hurlbert ,you may not remember me , thats ok Take care John

Message by john hurlbert | Jan 6th 2012

Rafael: I just sent you the picture. Let me know when you receive it. José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Sep 18th 2011

Rafael, hace uno días te envié por medio de tu prima Lourdes una foto de los muchachos de la casa Bueso en 1961. Favor de confirmar recibo cuando puedas. José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Sep 18th 2011

Great story, Rafael!

Message by KFM | Aug 29th 2010

Rafael, que familia mas bonita....me encanto la foto que el ramillete de ninas bonitas.....y tambien que caballo tan precioso...muchas gracias por compartir tu historia, es increible la bondad del ser humano, como esa familia que sacaba de paseo a los diez ninos cubanos....que maravilla...un abrazo pedropanero desde Miami....

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Aug 20th 2010

Rafael Eduardo says: Jorge Luis Ponce de Leon-que estuvistes en el Albertinum School de Ukiah, California por favor de ponerte en contacto conmigo atraves de estas paginas

Status update | Aug 19th 2010

Hola Rafi, so great to hear from you-- not sure what Kike is planning, Miriam called me a little while ago and I need to call her back to find out what he's planning. Oye my work email is adriana.comellas-macretti.lt3e@statefarm.com and home is tanoyadriana@hotmail.com It'd be awesome to have you come. Did Iso tell you we found Carmencita and Manolito.... Oye how's your family? You have to send me pictures. Are you on facebook? When are you coming to Florida, we moved to Orlando in November, couldnt take another winter in Bloomington, Illinois.. Graciano te manda un abrazo. I'm trying to get Iso to come and spend a few days with us... Un besote muy grande, miss you guys...

Message by Adriana De La Caridad Comellas Urquia | Aug 17th 2010


Message by LOURDES PADIERNE | Jun 11th 2010

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