Delia Rosa Hidalgo

General Information
Current Name
Delia Rosa Shoffner Hidalgo
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Delia Rosa Hidalgo
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, July 18, 1960
Relocated To
Florida City
Stayed With
Do not remember

Delia Rosa's Story

I was 5 years old when I ended up at el "campamento" in Florida City, I do not remember much except for a few names of girls my age; Mimi, Davey. I remember living up stairs, and I saw a photo on th...

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Delia, did you get to see your Mom? I've had you on my mind off and on throughout the summer wondering if you visited her and how it went. Carinos, Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Sep 18th 2009

07/16/09 Querida Delia: Definitivamente eres una escogida de Papa Dios......leí tu mensaje a Minuco? y realmente me conmoviste.....Siento que tú eres de las que ha pagado un precio demasiado alto....Que Dios te bendiga y puedas dar ese viaje tan importante sobretodo para tu salud mental............. Un abrazo, Otmara Capote Otmara Capote

Message by Otmara Capote | Jul 16th 2009

Delia, your story is really unique. I hope your trip is a good one and your reunion with your Mother is all you hope it will be and more. Buena suerte, Maria

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jun 3rd 2009

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