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I came to United States when I was 14 years old. My parents came a year and half later. American Express gave my father a job in San Juan Puerto Rico where I finished High School. For college I got accepted at the University of Houston where I got a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration Majoring in Accounting. The Internal Revenue Service offered me an opportunity to go work as a Revenue Agent and then as an Appeals Offficer. After 33 years of Service to this country I retired and live in Bryan Texas. I thank James Baker for his involvement in getting the youth of Cuba out. He gave a gift to this country that few have done. The talent that came has made a real contribution to the demogratic value of this country and shown the world the best of Cuba that came. I thank this country and the people for giving me an opportunity to help make this country better and have a good life here.

God Bless America.

Raul F. Pendas

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Betty Stelzer again...cleaning out albums and see this picture of you and Harold Owens of the IRS on a Belize dive trip. Those were the good old days. A lot of IRS employees including Marsha Swift...remember??

Message by Betty Stelzer | Jun 3rd 2014

Raul: You won't remember me but I remember diving with you on the Mike Price dive trips...remember Roland and Betty??? Wish you lived in Houston and did tax work here!!!

Message by Betty Stelzer | Jun 3rd 2014

Hi....Raul i cannot remember u but then i doubt if u remember me, i was a resident of Pius XII School from 1967-1971, i lived in Blake cottage,,,I am on Facebook, please friend me...Jose

Message by Jose Torres Jr | Feb 25th 2013

Raul says: If you where at Puis XII School in Chester New York I will like to hear from you.

Status update | Dec 29th 2012

felicidades a uds, mucha suerte en el proximo ano, saludame a los demas si estas en contacto con ellos

Message by Eduardo Celorio Salom | Dec 26th 2012

Hello Raul, Merry Christmas!

Message by Mario Sotolongo | Dec 24th 2012

Raul, I'm also retired. I was Capt. with NWA and flew all over the world. I live in Ann Arbor, MI. Say Hi to your brother Sal.

Message by Mario Sotolongo | Jun 25th 2010

just wanted to say hello after so many years, by chance I just joined the web database and happened to chance upon your name and picture. we were together with Mario, Eduardo, Lincoln, the two brothers who were martial artists and so on for about a year and a half in those beautiful mountains in upstate New York. we will keep in touch God willing and converse some more.

Message by Eduardo Celorio Salom | Sep 29th 2009

Raul, me alegro que ya te retiraste. Yo sigue laborando. Asi que vives en Bryan, por ahi todavia tengo un hijo en CS -TxA&M. Que es de la vida de Sal?

Message by Waldo Pena | Sep 1st 2009

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