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Naci y me crie en Sagua la Grande, Las Villas

Estudie en el colegio Sagrado Corazon de Jesus.Cuando llego la Revolucion, lavida cambio dramaticamentre. Dado a la reprsion, falta de libertad religiosa y el cierre de el colegio, mis padres supieron del programa que resulto ser llamado Pedro Pan. I was sent to Camp Matecumbe where I remained until March 16th and was then sent to Jacksonville to Camp St. John. There were about 70 cuban children there. Tom Aglio was the social worker with Catholic Charities who ran the camp. In June we were moved to foster homes in Central Florida. I was sent to Orlando on June 12. I lived with Walter and Eileen Young. There were two foster siblings Jim and Dennis. I went to Bishop Moore High School where there were 12 of us children. I graduated and while having many differet jobs I started college in Orlando at Orlando Junio College. In January of 1965 I moved to another foster family. Jume and Jim Berkjmeyer. While with them I turned 18 and they insisted that I stay with them even after finishing the patronage fo the church. I finally was reunited with my parent on March 28, 1962. They came to Orlando and stayed at the Berkmeyer home for 2 weeks until my father started ajob I had help secure for him as a Veterinarian for TGLee dairy. I then like so many others helped my family resettle and begin life in a new country of freedom and opportunity.I wrote a book about my life experience called A Sense of Belonging.

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Mel, welcome to this network! What a privilege to have you register and post your story. Thank you for sharing. Eloísa

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Oct 22nd 2013

¡Bienvenido,Senador Martínez! Welcome, Senator! Mel, your modesty and humility are admirable and commendable but unwarranted and totally unnecessary for we, as Pedro Pans and Cuban political exiles, are indeed proud of your professional and policy accomplishments and contributions. Keep up the GOOD WORK and best wishes in all you do! To see a CSPAN interview with Sen. Martinez on the publication of his book entitled A Sense of Belonging, click on the following link:

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Oct 22nd 2013

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Status update | Oct 22nd 2013

Melquiades R has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Oct 22nd 2013

Hi Mel, I hope you are doing well! I just found out about this website, I think is great. I have been looking up all our old friends. Luisa V

Message by Luisa V hough | May 19th 2009

Conectese a esta obra tan pura y que tanto nos une seador saguero

Message by mairim | May 16th 2009

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