Guillermo Jaume Alemany

General Information
Current Name
William Jaume
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Guillermo Jaume Alemany
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, June 29, 1962
Relocated To
CWB - Fla. City
Stayed With
Mount St. John's Academy, Gladstone, NJ

Guillermo's Story

The local newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, the Sun-Sentinal has been doing a series of articles on where the Pedro Pan children are today and their particular exodus stories. I was asked to tell my stor...

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So glad you're doing well. I think we met in NY many moons ago. We must lunch soon. Best regards, Uncle Louie

Message by Josephine LaPuma | Nov 7th 2013

hey, I'm sure you came in France about 40 years ago.My name was Brigitte Chaussé and I lived in the center of France. I met you at St Sebastien in Spain. Then we have had a large correspondence. I remember you and I keep still your letters !!! I would so happy to have news for you. Friendly yours. Brigitte Lardennois

Message by Brigitte Lardennois | Nov 10th 2012

If you spent time at Sacred Heart School in Dover NJ, I'm sure I was in your class. I was with that class from kindergarten thru 8th grade graduation in 1969, and if you are the William Jaume I remember, you came in around 6th or 7th grade - Sr Julia or Sr Alice Edward. You were well regarded by the nuns and the other students. Your current picture matches the disposition I remember - easy-going, agreeable, intelligent. I had no idea of where you had come from, William. You fit in with us as though you had been one of us from the beginning. In fact, it seemed easier for you to get along with the class than it felt for me. I am really surprised to learn this history. I am also sorry for what the church did to you. I think probably the most important thing I got from my experience at Sacred Heart is a deep faith and love for my Creator. Things have not all been what I would have hoped for in this life, but I am grateful for so many good things that grew out of my years at Sacred Heart. I certainly wish you and your family all the best, William.

Message by Frederick Glenn | Jun 22nd 2012

Guillermo, I loved the article and your photos. Thanks for sharing them!

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Jan 13th 2011

Guillermo has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jan 12th 2011

Guillermo, thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading your story. By the way, there's already a link to it posted in the Operation Pedro Pan Group's Facebook account. You might want to visit it as some people might have posted their reactions to it.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jan 11th 2011

Guillermo says: Recent article in Sun-Sentinel about me.,0,258543,full.story

Status update | Jan 11th 2011

Guillermo has updated their profile.

Status update | Jan 11th 2011

Guillermo: Bienvenido. Besides the obvious common experience we Pedro Pan kids have of being separated from our families, there is often something else in each of our stories that also connects us with someone else. As we share our stories the bits and pieces begin to emerge and the memory of those years becomes more complete for many of us. My brother and I had the experience of not going to stay with a family we knew in Florida because they were Protestant and thus would not qualify for financial assistance from Catholic Charities. In our case Mr. & Mrs. King were willing to take us in even without any payment, and our parents even sent authorization from Cuba for us to go live with them. After thinking it over I concluded that two children would be too much of a financial burden for them because they already had five small children at home. We stayed in touch while my brother and I spent the next year with a Catholic Hispanic family in New Mexico. Thankfully, our Foster family was very nice. But when our parents finally came from Cuba it was the King family who took us all in and helped us get started in Gainesville, Florida. Their Protestant church friends contributed to our resettlement. I remember wondering why there were such divisions between people who had Christ's love in common, even if they followed different worship rituals. I was also disillusioned with the Catholic Church. Eventually I rejected all organized religion, although I consider myself a person of deep faith in a loving God as the mystery for which we use many names. I respect the worth and dignity of all people, whatever their faith may be, and that has allowed me to meet wonderful human beings from many different religions or no religion at all, who have shown me that kindness and morality do not depend on a religious affiliation. I hope that things have changed enough so when the time comes to help other displaced children those absurd impediments do not get in the way. A big sister hug to you, Guillermo, from Yoli Cardenas

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Feb 3rd 2010

Willy Que sorpresa! Yo me acuerdo algo de vos, pero imagínate teniendo solo seis años de edad no me acuerdo mucho excepto de las monjas cayéndome a golpes. Pero me alegro muchísimo que te has comunicado con migo. De casualidad, o debido a la karma, la semana pasada encontré una foto de auschwitz (lo que yo y mi hermano llamábamos a la academia) – ahora tengo dos fotos de esa época. Te las enseño un día. Mi hermano José si se acordaba mucho de usted y de los demás diez muchazos en le mt. St. John Academy incluso se mantenía en contacto con algunos de ellos. El no quiso registrarse en nada que tenia que ver con cuba o pedro pan ya que llevaba una amargura muy fuerte que al fin lo mato hace solo dos meses atrás, teniendo solo 56 años de edad. Ya tú sabes. Yo soy profesor en Miami dade college así que paso mucho tiempo en la habana del norte (Miami) pero vivo cerca de naples. Así que si! Por favor, vamos a comunicarnos, yo estando en Miami 2-3 días a la semana así que puede ser ahí o en ft. Lauderdale. Mi email personal es un abrazo, mario

Message by Mario R Sanchez Lopez | Jan 21st 2010

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