Blanca E Hidalgo Jove

General Information
Current Name
Blanca E Hidalgo Jove
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Blanca E Hidalgo Jove
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, March 3, 1962
Relocated To
280 NW 35 St, Miami
Stayed With
aunt Delia Hidalgo

Blanca E's Story

I came to this country at the mere age of 7 yeas old.Fidel Castro took my childhood away,I became an adult that day in which I left my parents, grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins,friends, home, and m...

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Blanca: Very good answer to Yolanda Martinez's psychobabble. Proud of you!

Message by Manuel A. Gutierrez | Jan 22nd 2011

Yolanda Martinez, I am not playinfg a victim because my dear I turned out to be a strong WOMAN..But you have to walk in others shoes and have gone thru the things that us children of Cuban Democratic parents went thru . You probably are one of those that are infiltrated in this democrati country called USA..You wake up to reality and realize that children at a young age that saw the astrocities that went on and left their parents behind coming to a country not knowing the language and when discrimnation existed...WE HAD TO GROW UP TOO SOON at an early age....I do not wish an answer from you or any other with your corrupted ideals.I did not sign up to this site to have to deal with infiltrators of Castro's regime..I am a classy woman that does not want your cynical opinion.END OF CONVERSATION

Message by Blanca E Hidalgo Jove | Jun 3rd 2010

Blanca, Wake-up!, Castro did not take your childhood away, Time took it away, don't play the victim if your life hasn't turned the way you want it. Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Martinez | Jun 3rd 2010

Blanca, my cousin is a Pedro Pan. Alfredo E. Villoch.

Message by Alfred Villoch Jr | May 28th 2010

Blanca E says: Looking for Leonel Roque that arrived at Kendall school for boys . He was 14 yrs old on 1962.If anyone has information on him please pass this on!!

Status update | May 28th 2010

Blanca E has uploaded new photos.

Status update | May 28th 2010

Blanca E says: Y el dia que vuelva a uba Cuba libre y democratica sera un dia Triste para mi ya que mis Padres no lo verian!!!!

Status update | May 28th 2010

Blanca E says: Yo soy activista por Las Damas en Blanco...y por una Cuba estoy con levantar el embargo...Quiero que Fidel y su clan sean desterriados.

Status update | May 28th 2010

Blanca E says: El programa estuvo fenomenal!! Coincido con las ideas de Carlos el Profesor de Yale!!!

Status update | May 28th 2010

Thank You for everything Ileana!!!

Message by Blanca E Hidalgo Jove | May 27th 2010

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