Oscar R Vega Hernandez

General Information
Current Name
Oscar R Vega Hernandez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Oscar R Vega Hernandez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, February 24, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With

Oscar R's Story

On February 24, 1962, I left Cuba never to return. Leaving turmoil was a blessing, leaving alone...a nightmare. Having to depart seeking freedom was a gift from God, but the road ahead was certainly n...

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Sorry, I typed Oscar but somehow the iPad decided on it's own to change it to "padded".

Message by Humberto Rapado | Feb 20th 2011

Padded, are you going to the reunion in June? Itbwill be nice to see everyone again.

Message by Humberto Rapado | Feb 20th 2011

Oscar, Kiwi says that you are referring to Donald Hanley who, after Mariana, became a priest in Denver and subsequently resigned the priesthood and married.

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Feb 18th 2011

My contacts: office: 305-231-7767 facsimile: 305-231-7730 cell: 305-794-7406

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Feb 18th 2011

Oscar: i did not know the name but i just put the question out in the Pedro Pan Wichita Facebook page and the answer will be coming forthwith. As to the pictures of Mariana the Home, there are old and new in the website, posted by several members. Let me know how you want me to help.

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Feb 18th 2011

Oscar, the leifmotif for the Wichita event is to pay tribute and thank those who made our adjustment a bit easier, like Father Kocour ( whom i did not know personally but know of his contribution.). Hope you can join us. Thanks.

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Feb 18th 2011

Oscar, there is a 50th anniversary reunion of the Mariana/Wichita Pedro Pans being planned for June 2011. Please visit the Pedro Pan Wichita Group page on FaceBook or contact Leonardo Viota at lviota@aol.com

Message by George Mas Enjamio | Feb 12th 2011

oscar, my friend lillianna and i would walk by THE MARIANNA home on sat. and invite all the cuban boys to walk to riverside park with us. we were only 15, but it was such an innocent time, and all of you were very much respectful and protective of us. we never had to worry, and felt safe around you.(although lily did comment on some remarks she heard the boys speak in spanish that she could not repeat to me! ha!)it was a lot of fun. later in life i married jerry kerschen who helped father kocour at the home. fathet k. was then my uncle by marraige and i got to know him very well. he had VERY fond memories of the marianna home. he died a few years ago at the priest retirement home. they found him kneeling by his bed in prayer when he passed. i know you ALL have a friend in heaven as you were all kept in his prayers while he was living and i am sure you are still in his prayers now. he considered you all HIS boys. becky(rebecca) hanna-kerschen

Message by rebecca hanna-kerschen | Feb 11th 2011

Oscar mi cell es el 305 5880508 cuando quieras me llamas asi conversamos un ratico. un abrazo , ceci

Message by cecilia Bohorques | Oct 15th 2010

Oscar R has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Aug 9th 2010

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