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I'm from Cardenas Cuba. I left Cuba February 22,1962. On a Pan American Airway fly. With me came two friends Jorgito Torres and Mary Tery. Rodriguez. I will never forget the last view I had of the Jose Marti airport, my parents were standing in the airport terrace, that has been one of the most sad moments of my life. Three years and a lot of tears passed before I was reunite with my parents again. I still cry when I remember my last view of Cuba, but I have never been back since, and I will not go back as long as the Castro's are in power. I was very thankfull to my parents to have the courage to send me to the USA, at that time, and to the USA that gave us the opportunity to live in freedom.

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Hi!!!Your old friend Horten & I are blocked from FB.Please call us 305-945-7447.John.Or e-mail us.Tekk Marilyn C. also.

Message by john kerr | Feb 27th 2013

Zaidita: Arturo esta en Portland, Oregon, el esta semi-retirado. El esta pensando retirarse en Espana. Yo sigo de maestra y espero retirarme pronto. Saludos y Bendiciones. Mercy

Message by Mercedes Ordetx | Aug 15th 2009

Zaidita: Neni Jenkins me dijo de este website y tambien me inscribi, yo vine en Junio del 61 con mi hermano. Neni me dijo tu y otras de Cardenas estaban inscrita y me puse a buscar y di contigo. Saludos a Ricardito. Carinos, Mercy F. Llebrez Ordetx

Message by Mercedes Ordetx | Aug 14th 2009

Estaba jugando contigo. Claro que yo se que somos cangrejeras.

Message by Fabiola M Hernandez Castro | Jul 15th 2009

You are from Cardenas? Wow, I didn't know that!!!!!!

Message by Fabiola M Hernandez Castro | Jul 14th 2009

Zaidita, Silvy told me your story was here. I love the connection we are all making and although friends "amiguitas de la infancia" and friends for life... I didn't know your story. I'm so happy to hear from you.. love you always. tu amiguita Isa

Message by isa brown | Jun 1st 2009

Hi Zaidita. I did not even know you were Pedro Pan! You lived in Miami Beach close to my Tia Isabel who lived in Lenox Ave., close to Lincoln Rd. Amiguita de la infancia, it's nice to hear from you. Te quiero.

Message by Silvia Covas | May 18th 2009

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