Sergio Jose Perez Garmendia

General Information
Current Name
Sergio Jose Perez Garmendia
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Sergio Jose Perez Garmendia
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, February 14, 1962
Relocated To
92 NW 28 St, Miami
Stayed With
Rodolfo Garmendia, uncle

Sergio Jose's Story

I am from Holguin, Cuba and attended school at Los Maristas. After the intervention of the Church my grandparents and parents decided to send us to the States. The day my sister and I left, I remember...

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Status update | Feb 13th 2011

Hi,'s been a while since we've corresponded. Are you going to the reunion in November?

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Sep 30th 2009

sent u the rest of the message by e-mail.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 27th 2009

YOU GOT ME! You figured it out's Granny! A couple of weeks ago, we were joking around because Ileana (Minico)Arriola had posted a post card of a very heavy woman

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 27th 2009

Yes, Sergio Jose, we were all very pained by Rudy's passing...I know that both Rodolfo (I never met him) and Maggie are devastated. Rudy hizo muchas travesuras con un primito mio que se llama Nelson cuando eran colaban en casa de mi tia cuando ella no estaba y bueno, que te puedo decir...They were true rascals.Also one of my cousins is married to Rudy's cousin, Nino. Please clarify, did you arrive 3/23/62 or 2/14/62? I'm sure that originally I saw 3/23/62 but today it looked like it said 2/14/62...of course, at our age, I'm not too sure of what we see...ha! ha! Hope maybe to meet you in the future. Will you be going to the Nov reunion?

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 25th 2009

Hello, Sergio Jose....I'm a friend of Maggie (your uncle's exwife) what a small world. I recently spoke with her, after Rudy's tragic death, and told her about seeing your story. I believe it previously said that your arrival was on 3/23/62 which is the same day that my brothers and I arrived but I guess I must have been mistaken.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 25th 2009

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