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I arrived to the USA in March 1962, to stay with family. I was sent to the Florida City Camp in September the same year. My family originally lived in Havana, and I went to the Academia Valmana. My parents decided to send me to the US because of the nationalization of the schools, and because they feared I would be taken away from them as that was the rumor going around.

I was very fortunate to be placed in the Alcoz house, as they were truly wonderful people that sincerely cared about us. My nickname was Caruca.

I was at Florida City almost 2 1/2 years and then was sent to the Blessed Sacrament Academy in San Antonio, Texas. It would be almost another year before my parents and little brother were finally able to leave Cuba on the 3rd Freedom Flight. We reunited in December 1965 in New York.

I graduated from the State University of New York,taught for a while, but decided to change careers and have been working in insurance the last 30 years. I married Jim and we have a lovely daughter, Elizabeth, who is a professional musical theater actor and the light of our lives.

What a wonderful gift to be able to re connect with the friends of our childhood, and to see how all of us still keep the memories and the experiences that made us what we are today as adults. What a wonderful resource to teach our children, friends and relatives that know nothing of the Pedro Panes and our story.

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Thank you, Cari.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Mar 30th 2013

Caridad: Por favor, me agradaría saber si en la época en que asististe a la Blessed Sacrament Academy en San Antonio la academia era un "boarding school" o internado. No he podido hallar ninguna información al respecto. También me gustaría saber cuántas muchachas cubanas más de los campamentos estuvieron en la academia contigo. Gracias. José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Mar 28th 2013

Querida Caruca: me gustaria saber donde vives. Seria fantastico porder reunir un grupo de hermanas Pedro Pan. Escribeme a mi e-mail add. Un gran abrazo, Blanquita PS. He estado en contacto con Rosy Miranda

Message by Blanquita Blanco | Mar 12th 2012

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Status update | Jan 22nd 2012

Caruca: estaba mirando una foto donde esta un grupo de la casa Alcoz. ?Quienes son las dos primeras personas de izquierda a derecha? Te reconozco a ti al frente, Ma. del Carmen, Violeta, Dalia, Anita Avalos.

Message by Blanca Ferisin | Jan 5th 2012

Hi, Caruca: I just sent you a message. It contains an error (d for c) due to trying to type in a hurry and without glasses. Mi mama solia decir, "la vejez tiene cara de perro" Eso me pasa a mi. Ya no puedo escribir sin lentes. Estoy tratando de ver quien esta en unas de las fotos que tienes en tu pagina. Tengo en duda si soy yo. Sin mas, un abrazo, Blanquita

Message by Blanca Ferisin (Blanco) | Jan 5th 2012

Hi, Caruda: I would have recognized you anywhere. You look exactly the same! Your daughter is gorgeous. I was a teacher for a few years, but then started working as a psychologist, which is what I still do. Hugs and kisses, Blanquita

Message by Blanca Ferisin | Jan 5th 2012

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Status update | Jan 2nd 2012

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Status update | Nov 16th 2011

Querida Caruca, Acabo de encontrar, a traves de mi hijo Rick, esta fabolusa oportunidad de reconectar con el pasado y con las personas maravillosas que fueron nuestra compania y apoyo en momentos tan dificiles. Me calegro de verete tan bien. Un fuerte abrazo, Teresita

Message by Teresita M. Blanco | Mar 5th 2010

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