Manuel J. Izquierdo Rodriguez

General Information
Current Name
Manuel J. Izquierdo Rodriguez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Manuel J. Izquierdo Rodriguez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, September 12, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe, Yakima, Washington
Stayed With
Mr. and Mrs. White, and Manuel y Cecilia Vasquez

Manuel J.'s Story

Sali via a Miami el 12 de Septiembre de 1962. Mis padres me llevaron al aeropuerto de Rancho Boyeros donde fue la ultima vez que vi a mi padre.

Estuve en Matecumbe por dos meses y gracias...

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Manuel me fue tambien un plaser haver podido hablar contigo por primera ver y conectar contigo ok. vamos a mantener esta linia avierta y escribier mas a menudo ok. dejame advertirte una cosa. no te vayas a aser muy amigo de esa MUJER [ SUSY] ella es peor que que la BLAC WIDOW SPIDER OK. si te muelde te jodistes no se lo vallas a decir ok. porque despues la va cojer conmigo de nuevo!!!!!!! de todas maneras esta via es privada verdad?

Message by Fernando L Collado Gonzalez | Mar 13th 2010

Bueno, Manny, la próxima es el picnic el 21 de marzo. Fue un placer conocerte a tí también. Cariños.

Message by Eloisa Echazabal | Mar 10th 2010

¡Saludos, Manuel! Fue un verdadero gusto para mi esposo y para mí conocerte y conversar contigo en la reunión de Orlando. Ya sabes, dile a Cathy que la esperamos en la próxima, pues una americana que se case con un cubano y dure tantos años con él es digna de conocerse. (Bueno, para ser justa hay que decir lo mismo de un americano casado con una cubana, como Tony, mi esposo, el cual se ha ganado sus medallas por su Cuban wife.) Un abrazo de Yolanda y Tony

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Mar 9th 2010

Manny: It was great having you ensalada de pollo estaba divina...tanto asi que no quedo ni una cucharita!!!! Looking forward to the next or in Miami! Remember I gave you the dates to reserve..y nos encontraremos en Versalles for some Cuban food. Un abrazo.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Mar 9th 2010

Yesterday's Orlando Sentinel: Operation Pedro Pan reunion: 55 gather to catch up on life By Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel 11:39 p.m. EST, March 6, 2010 They started out as frightened children in a foreign country where they didn't speak the language. Five decades later, the children of Operation Pedro Pan are proud Americans with a shared past that has made them resilient and successful. On Saturday night, about 55 of the Cuban refugees got together at Heathrow Country Club to remember where they came from and share where they have been in the years since. The last time Dr. Mercedes Rodriguez and her sister, Estrella Pereira, saw Manuel Izquierdo, they were living together in a foster home in Yakima, Wash. Forty-six years later, they were laughing, reminiscing and posing for pictures as if no time had passed. Rodriguez, 53, a pediatrician, earned a master of business administration degree and is medical executive director of the Osceola County Health Department. Izquierdo, 63, lives in Tallahassee and works in telecommunications. Pereira, 56, has a master's degree in elementary education and places non-English speakers in classes at Waterbridge Elementary School in Orange County. "Wonderful," Izquierdo said of the reunion. " Just like meeting my own family all over again after so long." Operation Pedro Pan, led by the Roman Catholic Church with help from the U.S. government and Cubans in Miami, helped more than 14,000 Cuban children escape the Castro regime from 1960 to 1962. Some lived with relatives. Many went to temporary camps, then orphanages or foster homes. Many, like Rodriguez, Pereira, Izquierdo and Rodriguez's husband, Orlando internist Dr. Frank Leiva, 64, have found success in their adopted homeland. "We knew that we had to make it," Pereira said. "We couldn't go back. We had to prove ourselves." Leiva asked his mother, Hilda Leiva, now 94 and living in Miami, why she sent him to the United States. "She said, ‘It's better for you to live in a country that is free,'" said Levia, who lived in an orphanage where he had to perform tasks such as ironing clothes instead of going to school. "My mom and dad made the right decision." In spite of the hardships, the experience gave the refugees important lessons. "It was always traumatic, but I think it built character," said Izquierdo, whose father was executed by a firing squad because the Castro government said he was working with the CIA. "Character and resilience," added Rodriguez, whose father was a political prisoner in Cuba for 23 years. "It makes you very independent." Saturday was the first Central Florida reunion for the refugees, who commemorated the 50th anniversary of the freedom flights. Some had been looking for their fellow immigrants for decades and found them only recently through a Miami Herald database. Justo Martinez, 63, a retired financial planner and co-organizer of the reunion, said he wants the next one to be even bigger. "I'm still looking for 14,000 more," he said. "I only found 60." Susan Jacobson can be reached at or 407-540-5981. Copyright © 2010, Orlando Sentinel

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Mar 8th 2010

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve. I love all of ya'll. Have a great night and if it doesn't all go as planned, keep in mind that it's just another night. Enjoy!

Message by Manuel J. Izquierdo Rodriguez | Jan 1st 2010

Manuel, Gracias por tu visita...fue muy grato poder pasar unos momentos recordando nuestras vidas como Pedro tus fotos...tienes una linda familia...vamos a mantenernos en contacto.

Message by Lomberto Pérez Plasencia | Dec 9th 2009

Para todos mis hermanos Pedro Pan que he tenido la dicha en concer y para los que espero conocer en el futuro, les deceo que tenga un buen Thanksgiven Day.

Message by Manuel J. Izquierdo Rodriguez | Nov 26th 2009

Manuel: Que linda tu nieta...te felicito.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 18th 2009

Buenos dias, Manuel..fuistes tu el que me pusistes una nota? Salia como anonymous pero habias puesto Manuel asi que me imajine que fueras tu. Para que salga tu nombre completo tienes que sign in en el site. Anyway, si efectivamente el mensaje fue tuyo, te dire que me estoy tratando de animar para escribir mis noticas pero he estado muy ocupada y lo del ojo me tiene frustrada. El opthamologo me dijo que tengo que esperar a que pare de sangrar solo. Estoy preocupada porque tengo que manejar para Thanksgiving y me va a ser mas dificil. Cariños.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 18th 2009

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