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I was ten years old and for the first time leaving my family. I travelled with my brother Luis who was eleven years old. We had become a slight problem at home because we were very aware of our situation as gusanos and had no problem expressing our young opinions often putting our parents and family in harms way. Our leaving was a blessing in many ways. Our mother stayed behind I can't remember now how many miles away from the airport on the Carretera Central as that idiot/animal castro had just decided both parents could not see their children off, another form of mental torture. My dad Esteban continued the trip with us and when the glass doors of the pecera closed between us I began to cry as I realized that was the point of no return. I could see the despair in my father's eyes as he watched me and could do nothing, not knowing what exactly was going on with me. My brother was strong but still a kid and he and I approached our suitcase search with an attitude from the start. My dear mother had snuck more clothes than the alloted amount, towels and such and one by one they took anything they thought was not acceptable, asking me here and there what I prefered, like I could pick in the state I was in. I recall that I wanted to bring with me a dress a wonderful friend ours had hand embroidered for me, it didn't even fit me anymore but I loved it, I had been very close to her and she had passed away. That was one of the items they took and later on my mom told me that she saw it hanging in one of those communist shops for sale. It was one of a kind. Boarding the plane was to say the least traumatic enough without all the other heartbreak they knew so well how to inflict. My brother tried to talk them into letting me keep it and they threatened him to throw him back to my dad. To this day I cannot believe that these people that were treating us like criminals had once not too long ago been our neighbors, so to speak. Today when I teach my students about Hitler and his atrocities I can tell them that the behavior of the men that did his dirty work does not surprise me because of what I experienced. After we boarded the plane a nice lady from our town that my father knew sat with us, she was also leaving our island home for Fla. I guess at some point I calmed down, my brother urged me to look out the window and view Cuba from above. I have always felt that I don't want to go back, at all. What I remember of Cuba he will never take away from me, he has distroyed it and the people with him don't want to acknowledge it or are too afraid to see it. Nothing he ever started he finished, NOTHING, WHAT A WASTE OF A HUMAN LIFE, I GUESS THE DEVIL HAS HIS


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Well said, Irma. The Devil has the backs of all Communist murderers. Otherwise they would have been excised long ago!

Message by Manuel A. Gutiérrez | Dec 4th 2012

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