Jaime Arrojo Aguila

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Jaime Arrojo Aguila
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Saturday, March 31, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City

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This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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[My name is Jose Arrojo. I am 47 years old and I live in South Florida. My older brother Jaime Arrojo Aguila arrived in Florida City at the age of 10 on Saturday, March 31, 1962 as part of Pedro Pan. The database has him as relocated to "CWB Florida City." Actually, I was told by my parents, now in their late 70's and 80's, respectively, that my brother was placed with a foster family in California for 9 months until the entire family arrived in Miami in October 1962. My brother died in a drowning accident in Chicago, where we lived at the time, later in 1967. I was three years old at the time of his death, having been born in the US four months after my parents arrived. I am trying to piece together my brother's early time in the US. How can I connect to others who may have known my brother then or may have even been placed with him in California. My elderly parents have never wanted to discuss this; earlier in life they could not do it without tears, now thier memory has faded. Regards, Jose Arrojo Nov 15 2010[

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 26th 2012

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