Yolanda Lopez Miranda

General Information
Current Name
Adrianne Miller
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Yolanda Lopez Miranda
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, March 30, 1962
Relocated To
972 SW 6 St, Miami
Stayed With
Ruben Collazo, friend

Yolanda's Story

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Adrianne hello, no I live in Corona California. I do love the area you live in. I moved from Oregon in 1975. I was just there in July for my 40th high school reunion. Lincoln high. Take care. Carlos Becerra

Message by Carlos Angel Becerra Garcia | Sep 8th 2009

Yolandita! Dios mio! I can't believe it!! So glad to hear from you !!..You don't know how often I have thought of you and wonder how you are doing and where you are?? We had a reunion of the cousins in Miami a few years ago and we thought you would be coming too..Tell me all about you, 40 years of it!!..My email is tamargothoms@comcast.net. So, I see Celia Amalia is still at the nursing home..Sonia and I went to see her a few year ago at the Palace..Is that were she is?? Cuentame, cuentame!! Cariños, Seida

Message by Seida R Tamargo Gutierrez | Sep 6th 2009

I just read your story and idea to publish some of our stories, I would love to share many with you I agree that it is super important for the world to know particularly during these times. I tell all my American friends who don't know anything about this to watch The Lost City just for a glimpse of how the revolution would take over everything and why we all left. My contact info: drmom92@gmail.com or (305) 552-5455

Message by Mercedes Leal Radcliff | Sep 4th 2009

Yolie, did you read the Herald article? Thanks to that article quite a few people signed in. So many stories still to be told! It's been a pleasure "meeting" you. Until soon.yoli

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Sep 3rd 2009

Hi Yolanda, Perdona que no te respondiera antes pero es que estube muy ocupadita manteniendo orden en este solarito hoy. Que se harian sin mi. Yo no fui al Merici ni a la Inmaculada. Yo no soy de La Habana, soy de Santa Clara. Tengo familia y amistades que si estudiaban alli aunque creo que no coincidian contigo pues unas eran mas jovenes mientras que otras eran mayores. Estube leyendo tu historia, y veo que dejaste un gap entre el telegrama y el libro. Es intencional? If not, inquiring minds want to know. Welcome home Pedropanita, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Sep 3rd 2009

Hable con Mami y se recuerda de muchos Mirandas en Holguin, pero no amigos de ella, solo conocidos.

Message by Niurka A Strong | Sep 2nd 2009

I only wish my mother had been able to reconnect with some of her past...

Message by Adrianne Miller | Sep 1st 2009

Oh, I am so sorry about your mom. I will check with mine. She is going to be 85 on Sept 6, so her memory is not the greatest, but sometimes she surprises me.. I will let you know.

Message by Niurka A Strong | Sep 1st 2009

Adrianne, Niño Miranda es tío de Ermencita "Menche" Farrán Miranda, hija del médico holguinero Farrán y ex-esposa de mi difunto tío Rodolfo Reyes. José Antonio.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Sep 1st 2009

My mom's name is Pura and last name is Gutierrez-Gonzales. My uncle owned a big market in Holguin, his name was Norberto Gutierrez married to Mary and had three kids, Betico, Yayo and Xiomara. Three brothers worked there. My aunt Blanca Gutierrez married LLito Cordero, also a market owner, and had Miriam and Abelardo. My Dad's side was Monfort-Soberatz. My dad's name was Fernando Monfort. There were a lot of kids from my Mom's side that lived in Holguin, Camaguey and Habana, all dead except two sisters in Cuba and my mom here. Ask your mom if she recognizes any of the names.

Message by Niurka A Strong | Sep 1st 2009

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