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Arrived in Miami 3/26/1962; they were showing a black and white movie of Jesus Christ outdoors; spent a few weeks in Florida City and was later sent to St. Vincent De Paul Orphanage in Vinncenes Indiana.

Vincent De Paul was located in a large, red brick building, in the country. There were woods in the distance which was great for fantasizing as my father had sent me a Robin Hood paperback in the mail. One of the nuns would take us for walks and allow us to feed large green apples to giant horses [so they seemed].

They had the boys in a huge, tall, well lit room, with beds lined up in neat rows. The lights hung from long rods and the room resembled a military hospital room from those old WW2 movies. Each morning and night we stood beside our beds and changed from our pajamas to our day clothes, and vice versa, while wearing a bath gown. The nuns would ring bells in the morning and night as Reveille and Taps. The chapel had an elaborate altar and mass was said in Latin. The orphanage closed in the 70s.

After a few months in Vincent De Paul, I was settled in a foster home in Albuquerque, NM [late 62 or early 63]. I stayed there until my parents arrived in 6/66.

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Hi Nelson, Do you remember me Joseph A. Gomez Albuquerque, NM 1962 - 1967

Message by Joseph A. Gomez | Dec 6th 2011

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Status update | Oct 27th 2011

Nelson: Cono felicidades!!! Eres libre!!

Message by Heberto Espinosa | Dec 3rd 2010

Nelson: Gracias por el contacto. A la verdad que no se me habia ocurrido usar la foto del pasaporte en el profile. Gran idea. Cordial saludo, Heberto

Message by Heberto R Espinosa Gomez | Jul 31st 2009

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